November 3, 2014 | Optima Healthcare Solutions

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CARE Item Set Certification, CEUs and You

If you’€™re a Rehab Optima user, you can submit patient data to the national outcomes repository via the Optima Outcomes Module. But first, you are required to complete a certification process. Earning certification requires that you watch three training modules and take corresponding tests. The information you need is provided below.

Click here to download the CARE Item Set Training Manual

Get Certified, Earn Continuing Education Credits
Certification is just one opportunity -€“ there’€™s more. Did you know the Care Item Set is approved for PT and OT Continuing Education Units (CEUs)? If you are a PT and/or OT, get trained on the Care Item Set and earn CEUs. For details on the number of credits offered in your state, visit our Supporting Education page.

Another option? You can continue to use the Optima Outcomes Module without completing the certification process. The only difference is that the data collected will not be added to the national outcomes repository.

Test Instructions and Videos:

  • General – Test 1 is required to be completed by all users.
  • Users must also complete EITHER Self-Care – Test 2 OR Mobility – Test 3.
    • The determination regarding which test the user should take is to be made by the organization, and depends on which CARE Item Set the organization will require the user to complete within the Optima Outcomes Module. Optima recommends that PTs take Mobility – Test 3 and OTs take Self-Care – Test 2, but that may differ depending on organizational direction.

*Note: Users can take all three tests, but Optima only requires two tests (General – Test 1 and EITHER Self-Care – Test 2 OR Mobility – Test 3) to be completed for certification. All tests are required for CEU credits.

Training videos and links to corresponding tests for the three sections – General – Test 1, Self-Care – Test 2 and Mobility – Test 3 – are listed below.

General Video

General – Test 1

Self-Care Video

Self-Care – Test 2

Mobility Video

Mobility – Test 3

Have questions?
• If you are an Optima user looking for more information on earning Continuing Education Units, please email with questions.
• If you are not a current Optima customer and would like more information regarding the Optima Outcomes Module, please contact
• If you are a current Optima customer and would like to schedule implementation of the Optima Outcomes Module for your organization, please contact
• If you have questions regarding completing the certification process or using the Optima Outcomes Module, please contact

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