April 12, 2022 | Maira Oliveira

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Caring for Communities and Our Friends in Ukraine

Aside from helping clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities provide optimal quality care to their patients through our software solutions, Net Health also values the fact that we’re all human; it’s something we embrace.

Recently, we’ve all seen the unimaginable unravel overseas. Since February 24, Russian troops, under the orders of President Putin, have invaded Ukraine where more than 10 million residents have been displaced and an estimated 23,000 deaths have occurred. Many families have been forced to leave their homes and find shelter and safety elsewhere, while husbands have stayed behind to join the fight against Russia.

Smoke has filled the air and created a hazy fog over dark skies as buildings have been bombed and destroyed across multiple cities and lands. Those outside Ukraine have worried endlessly for the safety of strangers and loved ones. For most of us, it’s been unbearable to sit idly and watch the horrors unfold on our screens.

That’s why in late March Net Health’s CEO Josh Pickus held a company-wide meeting where a number of speakers, including those with the Red Cross and our own employees directly affected by the war, had an opportunity to tell us more about what’s been happening. We also heard how the company, as a whole, is taking steps to help those in need, and how employees themselves can contribute and donate as well.

The Red Cross and Ukraine 

During our company-wide meeting, Michael Hare of the Red Cross – a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance and disaster relief – explained that while, unfortunately, there has been ongoing conflict in Ukraine these past few years, it has now escalated to a vast majority of the country. As millions of refugees have been forced to leave their homes, in turn, they have also lost access to basic necessities such as food and water and electricity. “It is certainly a challenge to get aid into some of the areas of Ukraine,” he said.

While the American Red Cross itself is not on the ground in Ukraine, it has partnered with other organizations – such as the International Red Cross network, Doctors Without Borders, World Central Kitchen, the Global Salvation Army Network, UNICEF and more – to distribute aid, provide support and meet immediate needs.

“We have a shared humanity,” said Michael. “And it is up to each and every one of us to find ways that we can get involved and to support and to truly bring that glimmer of hope for people on what is absolutely the worst days of their lives.”

Personal Perspectives from Net Health Employees

Two Net Health employees with families in Ukraine also shared their personal stories and insights about the devastation in their homeland. While Yuliia Piguliak and Mikhail Dworkin both live in the United States, their best friend and fiancée respectively are currently navigating the distress and chaos on the other side.

Yuliia shared that her best friend, along with other people she knows, decided to stay and help those in their surrounding communities. “All my friends, I’m just so proud of them,” said Yuliia. “They chose to stay. They realize how short their life can be, but they will stay to help people and the elderly and feed animals on the streets. All of these people are heroes.”

Mikhail, who was born and raised in Ukraine before moving to the U.S. almost a decade ago, noted how the world completely changed overnight. “I was with my fiancée a couple of months ago in Kyiv celebrating Christmas, then on February 24th, we woke up to explosions.”

While Mikhail’s fiancée is now safe in the U.S., her family remains in Ukraine and they haven’t heard anything from them in weeks.

“There is no electricity, no cellular connection, no internet, no water, no food. Basically, people are chopping down trees on the streets trying to make a fire and cook. But they’re constantly getting bombarded. The entire city is surrounded. There is no humanitarian convoys, no evacuation is possible. So we’re praying and hoping they’re safe.”

How Net Health Is Stepping in To Help 

Hearing stories and perspectives of what’s happening on the ground in Ukraine helps us better understand the magnitude and severity of the invasion. To assist in providing aid and relief to those in need, Net Health is donating thousands of dollars alongside our ELT (Executive Leadership Team) who is also matching that amount. Additionally, the company has created the Net Health Ukraine Relief Fund for all employees who would like to contribute in their own small way and make a donation.

While there is a great level of unpredictability at a time like this, our hearts and thoughts remain with the people of Ukraine. A country that has seen many changes over centuries of history, but that nonetheless deserves to have its own freedom and place in the world.


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