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Celebration of Wound Healing Awareness Month – Net Health

Those at Net Health who have been wound care providers and who work with those of you in the profession today don’t like to take just a special day or month to note our appreciation for all you do. We are thankful every day. But we will take special note this month. June has been designated Wound Healing Awareness Month (WHAM) by the American Board of Wound Management (ABWM).

As Tara Frazier, AGNP- BC, APRN, MSN, WCC, Chief Clinical Officer for Advantage Surgical and Wound Care shared with us in a recent interview for Nurse Week:

“You know if you are a wound care person. You are kind of this weird, quirky individual that isn’t grossed out by anything. You can tell there are a group of people that are wound care nurses. They are very different from other specialties …”

Here’s some more information from the ABWM website:

The annual WHAM celebration was created to raise awareness for wound healing and recognize the challenges experienced by individuals whose lives are affected daily by chronic wounds. Throughout June, the ABWM Foundation will bring awareness to the work of wound care specialists on wound healing and provide useful educational resources.

In addition to Wound Healing Awareness Month, the ABWM Foundation designated June 13– June 17, 2022, as Certified Wound Care Specialists Week. This week celebrates all practitioners certified by the American Board of Wound Management, which includes Certified Wound Care Associates®, Certified Wound Specialists®, and Certified Wound Specialist Physicians®. 

So, to everyone in the profession – our thanks for all you do. Enjoy WHAM! For more information visit https://wham-abwmfoundation.org/.

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