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“Clinical Research: Changing and Growing With You”

An Interview with Net Health’s Jessica Duryea

In her new role as Director of Clinical Research for Net Health, Jessica Duryea has been able to bring her years of experience in the industry to the day-to-day management of a national research organization dedicated to providing real-world insights into the challenges and needs of the industry and patients. Here Jessica discusses how clinical research is adapting to today’s marketplace and the importance of a focused approach to developing new products and services for wound care.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself and describe your new role.

A: I began my career in the medical industry 13 years ago, starting early on in medical device sales and evolved to software sales. I joined Net Health in 2012, working as a Sales Executive for our leading wound care software, Net Health Wound Care. In January 2020, I transitioned as Director of Connections and Data, harnessing my past experience in the DME industry, working with the leading Manufacturers and Distributers in the wound care space. With the knowledge and relationships of the top wound care companies, it made sense to grow my portfolio of business with Clinical Research by leveraging Net Health’s mobile imaging solution for Tissue Analytics.

Q: What do you see as the top trends in clinical research for wounds?

A: There is a growing interest in mobile imaging solutions for a number of reasons. Not only is it more cost-effective because specialized cameras can be costly, especially for multi-site studies, but also these cameras can become obsolete. A solution that can be used with IOS or Android mobile devices, which most people own, allows for a cost-effective approach with great quality images.  For example, Tissue Analytics’ patient-facing application solves the need for a solution that is simple and easy for patients to use and ensures they remain connected to providers. It allows patients to document and submit quality photos from home to their providers. Utilizing this app not just for patient care, but also as a way to report data for research, ensures that clinicians get the information needed to compile data for clinical trials.

Q: What has been most surprising/interesting to you?

A:  When it comes to clinical trials, companies tend to view the interaction with vendors in a very transactional manner. We strive to focus on building long-term relationships and to help across many different projects. It’s been fascinating to see how many areas we touch that can provide important information and value for clinical research.

Q: What makes Net Health’s approach to supporting research unique?

A: Net Health is a specialty software provider that has been in the wound care space for two decades. Since we have all this experience, we have a presence, as well as the ability to bridge the gap between research and the clinical practice.

We have been helping hospitals and facilities document patient journeys, and now that we are interacting with researchers, we are assisting the market by advancing evidence as well. We started TA for clinicians and providers as an easy way to get the best quality photo image. Out of that evolved clinical trials, as there was a need for a solution involving imaging for clinical trials as well.

Q: Can you provide an example of how you help inform the research process by bringing your knowledge of what happens on the clinical side?

A: Our solution can really help with patient recruitment because we have so much data on wound patients and their treatment. We know the kind of care people are receiving, and that data can assist researchers in approaching the right providers with the right patients.

What sets TA apart is how simple and intuitive our patients and clinicians find the program. The market is interested in remote monitoring and technology that can bridge the gap between patient and site. People also want to leverage the flow of data and utilize technology that makes the data available in real-time so they can gain the insights needed.

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Q: What would you say is the biggest challenge clinical researchers face?

A: There is a lack of funding and attention from regulators to address the needs of wound care patients. This is a very complicated population, and the only research we see is industry sponsored. Many people say it would be great to get more funding from NIH or grant avenues to research the challenges wound care patients face in a deeper and wider way.

The worlds of wound care and clinical research are merging, and it’s for a greater good. The simple documentation offered by TA makes it easy to connect these two vital groups, leading to the best patient outcomes possible.

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About Jessica Duryea

With more than 13 successful years of selling experience in the medical industry – Jessica is a true sales maven. Since joining Net Health in 2012, she has rapidly moved from sales executive to senior leadership positions.  During her tenure, she’s won numerous sales awards for not just meeting – but significantly exceeding goals.

In January 2020, she transitioned from Director of Sales, Connections and Data to her current position with Clinical Research and Real World Data. This newest position allows her to tap into her extensive experience and stellar reputation in the DME marketplace, where she worked with some of the wound care industry’s top companies, to use those relationships to help the company build the new Clinical Research division.

Jessica’s other passions include raising her two energetic boys, exercising, true crime podcasts and sand volleyball.

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