January 25, 2022 | Net Health

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Co-Founder of Tissue Analytics, Josh Budman, Is Featured in Health Conscious Podcast

Josh Budman recently had the opportunity to share his knowledge on how artificial intelligence and electronic health records will shape the future of healthcare delivery. As the co-founder of Tissue Analytics, a digital imaging company acquired by Net Health, Josh shares his unique perspective on where we started, where we are now, and where we need to go to keep pushing innovation forward.

Josh covers topics ranging from EHR data and how Net Health is leveraging the data in its EHRs to provide insights, to interoperability challenges and potential resolutions. Considering 75% of healthcare delivery organizations will invest in AI capability by 2023, Josh also provides insights into some ways providers of AI solutions can differentiate themselves from their competitors, to provide value to this expanding customer base. Some take-aways for tech start-ups include:

  • Making sure they have a scalable product
  • Increasing adoption rates for their end users (health systems, physicians, patients., etc.)
  • Developing high end predictive analytic technologies with clean datasets
  • Interoperability and data security

The Health Conscious Podcast is an independent project produced by students at Cornell University’s Sloan Program in Health Administration. They created the show “with the intention of informing students as well as the wider public about important topics in health care. To bring insights from renowned health leaders to curious minds everywhere.” 

Tune in to hear Josh discuss his entrepreneurial journey in the Health IT space and the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence by health care facilities, including how software and medicine mesh to change patient lives, and how Net Health is on the forefront of the advancements in this industry.

The Health Conscious Podcast With Josh Budman

You can also tune in anywhere you listen to podcasts or the links below to hear the full episode:

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