August 16, 2021 | Net Health

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Cultivating Real-World Research and Data for the Advancement of Wound Care

Significant advancements in wound care treatment have been made in recent years, but real-world evidence still lacks the representation it presently deserves. With that as the reality of the wound care market today, how can researchers gather the information required to develop insights and help solve the problem affecting chronic wounds?

The answer is in the cutting-edge, e-clinical mobile solution and technology now available to wound care providers and their patients.

Generating Real-World Data

In a recent interview on the Wound Care Learning Network podcast, “Speaking of Wounds,” Nico O’Kuinghttons, VP of Business Development at Tissue Analytics, a Net Health Company, says one of his original goals in joining the company was to find ways real-world data can be leveraged with clinical tools to enhance patient care. In wound care he saw a “substantial problem that lacks resources and insights that can be generated by real-world data,” and his mission became to be a catalyst for change. Fortunately, two advances have made that change possible:

  • The decentralization of clinical trials
  • Clinician access to mobile imaging technology

Nico notes that through mobile imaging, the ability of wound care providers to recruit and maintain clinical trial patients beyond the borders of a wound care facility has increased exponentially.

‘Research Can Take Place Anywhere’

Harnessing technological advancements such as smartphones with powerful cameras and adding program elements like wound measurement, also gives researchers unprecedented access to real-world data. The new-found mobility, teamed with a powerful e-platform, allows clinicians and patients to document wounds from anywhere and helps bridge the gap between patients and sites. This means that the ability for researchers to find and maintain patients greatly expands. Patients can be tapped onsite and from home to participate in clinical trials.

A Solution Within Reach

O’Kuinghttons lays out goals in wound care research and shares what he calls the “Gold Standard Solution,” which is the introduction of a hybrid approach leveraging traveling nurses and clinicians, combining on-site and remote care through digital solutions, ultimately improving the patient journey.

Making advancements through the use of a broadened research base is more possible than ever.  With the help of technology, wound care providers, patients and researchers will be able to continue to push the boundaries by advancing research, ultimately enabling solutions to come to market at a much faster pace.

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