August 13, 2014 | Optima Healthcare Solutions

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DID YOU KNOW? Optima Customer Portal

For therapy companies, the ability to share specific data with customer facilities offers several benefits, including more accurate and faster decision making. Optima’s “Customer Portal” allows therapy companies to provide customer facilities with secure, multi-user access to electronic information on-demand and around-the-clock, based on administrator controls.

Using the Customer Portal, therapy companies have the ability to share selective information with the Skilled Nursing Facility, leading to decreased scheduling conflicts and an increased knowledge base. This provides operational efficiency gains, streamlines communication among system users, and increases satisfaction for staff members on both the therapy and nursing side.

Rehab Optima (RO) Administrators can control access to therapy documentation, reports, and functionality by creating security roles specific to individual Customer Portal users. For example, Administrators can grant access to one or several sites of service within a chain of sites and assign user security roles by site. This increases user flexibility and allows for close control of what information is made available to each user.

These security features, including access control and PHI access tracking, are the same as in RO. Thus, Administrators can take advantage of the Customer Portal without having to learn new tools or processes.

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