January 14, 2016 | Net Health

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EMR & Healthcare Innovation (Infographic)

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Technology has the ability to radically transform the world around us unlike anything else, especially when it comes to healthcare. From state-of-the-art healthcare software used in the facility to mobile apps and wearables that are helping patients lead healthier lives, the technological improvements happening every day are giving the healthcare industry a much needed upgrade.

One growing area of opportunity in the industry is electronic medical records.  EMR Software is nothing new. In fact, they have been transforming the healthcare industry for years, revolutionizing decision-making and care coordination along the way.

However, when it comes to managing your specialty care operation, a generic EMR software may not be cutting it. Make sure all of your clinical, operational and financial needs are being meet to the best of your ability by exploring all the benefits of a specialized EMR solution.

Net Health: EMR and Healthcare Innovation - Infographic

The Facts on Finding the Right Fit for Your EMR Software

The facts are there, and EMR software systems have been proven to enhance patient care. A 2012 report by the National Center for Health Statistics found that ¾ of clinics that adopted an EMR system reported enhanced patient care in their facility, and nearly half of the physicians surveyed without an EMR solution intended to purchase one within the next year.

According to studies, physicians only spend 30 to 40 hours in direct patient care because of heavy paperwork and administration duties, with each patient visit requiring up to 13 documents. With a large percentage of physicians seeing anywhere from 50 to 99 patients over a seven day period, that means approximately 975 new pages of documentation must be completed each week.

An EMR solution streamlines the documentation process, reducing your facility’s workload by up to 45 percent while saving you up to $142 billion over 15 years. Specialized EMR software specifically tailored to your services goes a step further, enhancing productivity of your facility by33 percent!

Net Health: EMR and Healthcare Innovation - Infographic

Benefits of Specialized EMR Adoption

Whether you have an urgent care clinic, occupational medicine clinic, wound care center, or physical therapy office – when it comes to your EMR, choosing the right fit makes all the difference. A fully specialized EMR solution will help your facility grow like never before.

  • Improved Interoperability

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a specialized EMR solution is the improved interoperability of patient information with other departments in your facility. Each member of your team has very specific and limited reaction with your patients, leaving everyone with only a fragmented view of your patients.

The improved integration of an EMR system creates comprehensive patient information aggregation and analysis, helping to lessen duplicate diagnostic procedures, prevent medical errors and lower administrative cost.

  • Better Quality of Care

Easy access to patient records can improve patient safety and the quality of care your facility provides. Access to more complete and comprehensive patient medical records makes it easier to screen for potential adverse drug events while reducing medical errors, while having all of a patient’s medical history available at your fingertips streamlines decision making.

  • Streamline Facility Workflows

A specialized outpatient EMR solution for your facility can better keep your team on top of patient care. Whether it’s being alerted to potential medication errors and critical patient information or being reminded to scheduled needed testing and preventative care appointments, a specialized outpatient EMR solution will strengthen patient care, improve outcomes and enhance facility performance.

Unlike generic EMR solutions, specialized EMR software requires less customization from the start. Since it is geared specifically toward your specialty, your team will easily adapt to its familiar workflows to streamline efficiency.

  • Boost Efficiency and Time Management

Seventy-two percent of hospitals are utilizing full time employees to scan patient records, meaning the majority of healthcare facilities are wasting hours a day on traditional paper medical records when they could be focusing on other areas of need.

Specialized EMRs allow physicians to use the technology to its full potential, creating a streamlined pathway through clinical, operational and financial workflows to save time every step of the way.

Find the perfect fit for your facility by choosing one of the specialized EMR software solutions from Net Health. At Net Health, our fully interoperable EMR software offers our clients end-to-end solutions to streamline workflows, boost productivity and deliver ROI. With so many benefits to our specialized services, it’s no wonder many of the biggest names in healthcare already use our products every day! Discover why over 3,000 facilities rely on Net Health’s EMR solutions each day and request a free demo to find your perfect fit!

Net Health: EMR and Healthcare Innovation - Infographic

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