July 14, 2023 | Net Health

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Let’s Talk: The Value of Meaningful Communication for Rehab Therapy Success (Webinar)

Communication is easy. Meaningful communication is more difficult.

For rehab therapy practice owners, communication happens in hundreds of ways every day. From conversations with staff to check-ins with patients and outreach efforts to referral partners, communication is constant. 

But not all communication is created equal.

According to industry experts featured in our recent Net Health webinar for outpatient rehab therapy teams — a discussion titled, “Revolutionize your Rehab Therapy Practice by Embracing Meaningful Communication at Scale” — outdated, outmoded forms of communication don’t offer the same level of connection as newer, more efficient modes of contact.

More importantly, these evolving approaches set the stage for meaningful interactions that can help rehab practices enhance provider relationships and drive sustained success.

Improving Provider Experience

According to webinar presenter Dr. Peter Schoch, Senior Vice President for population health at AdventHealth, “I don’t think we can provide good patient experience without providing a better provider experience.”

While electronic health records (EHRs) were a step in the right direction, Schoch notes that the impact of EHRs on provider connection didn’t really pan out as intended.

To help address this issue, Schoch recommends removing administrative barriers that inhibit providers from collecting and sharing patient data. This is paramount to providing a good customer experience since it creates a scenario where providers can get the information they need from any healthcare professionals that have previously provided care to a patient.

“Now all of a sudden, I know much more about that patient than I ever would have in the past,” says Schoch. “With meaningful connectivity, there really should be no such thing as a new patient.”

Reducing Operational Complexity

For Alex Kohn, Head of Patient Output at Kno2, implementation and awareness are critical to reduce complexity and empower meaningful communication.

“The first step is really implementing facts into your EHR environment so you can bridge better communication,” says Kohn.

With facts and data in place, it’s possible to improve staff awareness.

“You can start to piece together … ‘How do I leverage things like barcodes. How do I send a fax out, have someone sign it, and send it back to me? How do I attach that to my original patient records? How do I introduce e-signature to my workflow?'”

By setting the stage with targeted implementation, it’s possible to build layers of awareness that facilitate more meaningful communication. 

Listen and Learn

Ready to learn more about the role of meaningful communication in rehab therapy practice success? Watch Net Health’s new webinar, “Revolutionize your Rehab Therapy Practice by Embracing Meaningful Communication at Scale.”

Through the webinar, discover how to build better referral partnerships, get found by referral sources, and see success in value-based payment models.

Watch the full one-hour webinar here

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