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Net Health Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): A Work Culture Gem

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are considered a key element of a company’s culture. As a matter of fact, it’s these groups that foster inclusion in the workplace.1 At Net Health, this role continues to evolve with the creation of more ERGs every year. Currently, we have 8 ERGs with a new one that just launched.

What are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)?

The first ERG group was started in 1964 by Joseph Wilson, the former CEO of Xerox, in an attempt to address racial tension and workplace discrimination that gripped the nation at that time.2 Over the years, no matter how big or small the company, ERGs have been employee-led and employee-driven by professionals everywhere. According to TopMBA, today 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have ERG groups.3

Group initiatives may vary but many include the following as part of its foundation and key messaging:4

  • Create a safe, supportive space for employees who share a common identity.
  • Create an inclusive company culture.
  • Provide personal and professional growth opportunities.
  • Enhance the employee experience through common interests.
  • Encourage diversity and cultural awareness.

A Breakdown of Net Health ERGs

BERG (Black Experience Resource Group)— Founded in August 2020, BERG serves as a resource of racial equity at Net Health. Its goal is to remove barriers and educate those with a genuine interest in understanding racial inequality in America, share the perspectives of those affected by racial inequity, as well as bring forth ideas, events and dialogue that support racial equity. It’s a safe space for Black co-workers to voice their opinions related to racial topics of any kind, while also being a resource for the majority to reference in terms of education and understanding.

Caregiver Collaborative – Founded in late 2021, the purpose of this group is to provide emotional support to fellow colleagues who may be caring for or providing support for a family member or other individual. Support is offered through active listening, sharing of caregiving ideas, resource identification and strategies for self-care. Their main goal is to be a “no judgment zone” where people can feel safe to share their feelings and emotions and come to find whatever they need to be successful in their role as a caregiver. All are welcome even if they are not currently a caregiver for anyone.

Culture Club – Founded in September 2020, the group’s purpose is to foster a sense of community within Net Health. They exist to promote company culture, to ensure that the strong bonds created by employee events are not diminished but continue to grow in a Work From Anywhere environment. Culture Club has done several popular past events that include Pints and Paints, an evening of excellent libations and potentially excellent art; Scavenger Hunt: At Home Edition, where players search their own home for items fitting certain categories; and the Snack Exchange, which is a Secret Santa but with food.

Net Healthy – Founded in October 2020, this group is a community of supportive, health-minded peers within Net Health who encourage each other to pursue personal health goals/habits that are meaningful, enjoyable, and sustainable. It focuses on topics related to several fundamental, interconnected elements of healthy living and wellbeing: physical, mental/emotional, nutrition, and social. Events in the past have included the Accountability Buddy Challenge, Heart Healthy Month, Self-Care and Share Exchange, the Gratitude Challenge and more. Most recently, this ERG also held a fireside chat titled, “The Journey of Navigating and Overcoming Health Struggles.”

Pride – Founded in May 2022, this group is made up of both employees who are members of the LGBTQIA+ community and those who are allies to the community, often because they have friends or family who are part of the community. They hold a variety of events through the year, keep an active and engaged Slack community, and provide a welcoming place for people who have questions. Beyond that, they support Net Health’s mission of creating a vibrant and diverse employee community which in turn helps support the full range of patients treated by the medical professionals who use our software.

Working Moms of Net Health – Founded in January 2021, this group fosters an open, enjoyable, helpful support system for the working moms of Net Health. They encourage and empower the well-being of fellow moms while balancing careers and motherhood. A variety of activities are held year-round including, virtual lunch dates and coffee chats, happy hours, group cooking classes and more.

Women in Tech – Founded in July 2022, this ERG is dedicated to support and educate peers working in technology. The group provides a safe place for discussion of education opportunities, career advancement, personal challenges, and other topics women and others encounter in this industry. Though the focus is on the experiences and challenges of women, it is also open to discussing other topics as they interest the group’s membership.

What’s to Come in 2023

This new year sees the development of a new group, the ERGineers. While technically founded in fall 2022, it officially launched in 2023. The group’s goal is to foster a growth-oriented community of engineers and individuals interested in engineering by providing support, mentorship and education. They intend to provide education through workshops, presentations, and developing a shared library of learning resources including books, articles, and courses. By helping grow the skills, knowledge, and career opportunities for engineers, the hope is to have a better skilled and more collaborative culture around learning which will ensure success in growing technically as an organization.

Bringing the Work Community Together

Each ERG started with one or more individuals who used their drive and dedication to share their passions, experiences and interests within the Net Health community. These ERGs have, in turn, helped promote connections and conversations that perhaps otherwise would not have been possible. It is through these unique experiences that employees can feel better supported by the company, and an environment of inclusivity is fully welcomed and embraced.

Learn more about our ERGs as well as career opportunities by checking out the Net Health Careers page.


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