June 23, 2023 | Net Health

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Net Health® Tissue Analytics’ Successful Wound Care Programs Draw the Spotlight in New Zealand

You’re a diabetic wound care patient in a rural area. The wound is getting worse, and moving around is difficult and painful. You know you need to see a specialist, but getting there is a problem, and you don’t have anyone to take you to the nearest town. What are you going to do?

If you’re a patient in New Zealand, you now have a solution: connecting with a wound care provider participating in a first-of-its-kind program developed by Net Health® Tissue Analytics and Te Whatu Ora MidCentral.

Using Tissue Analytics’ cloud-based and AI-powered technology on their smartphones, patients and providers in New Zealand – even those living and practicing in remote areas – have a better way to stay connected, engaged and to share critical wound care information.

The success of the program in covering a wide range of wounds, including diabetic amputations, was recently spotlighted in a special feature in Digital Health Connect Magazine, a publication of Health Information New Zealand (HINZ).

Diabetes Rising in Area

The article, “Reducing Diabetic Amputations in New Zealand with AI and Smartphones,” explores the challenges presented by diabetic patients and the rise in diabetic-related cases in the area.

For example, Diabetes New Zealand reports some 280,000 New Zealand residents have diabetes, a number that is predicted to double over the next 20 years. Similar to the U.S., diabetes often impacts underserved populations, such as those who face difficulties accessing care for a range of reasons. In New Zealand, this population includes a disproportionately high average of Māori, Pacific, and South Asian people.

This rise in the number of cases is one of the many reasons MidCentral District began looking for solutions. When they discovered Net Health® Tissue Analytics, they knew they had found their answer.

The cloud-based app, used on smartphones, tablets, or other digital devices, is an AI-powered mobile wound imaging and analytics solution that improves clinical outcomes, ensures data accuracy, and reduces costs.

A Promising Innovation for Wound Care

The technology is not only beneficial for patients with difficulties traveling to a provider. It is also beneficial during natural disasters, such as the recent cyclone in New Zealand, when patients couldn’t get to their community’s wound care clinic for days.

While the use of AI in a wide range of healthcare applications is promising, Tissue Analytics emphasizes that its value is in providing robust and objective data – info that easily integrates with EMR solutions – to help clinicians make better treatment decisions. Tissue Analytics technology is not intended to replace experienced, knowledgeable wound care experts; dedicated wound care doctors and nurses remain essential for good outcomes.

Our New Zealand and Australia projects are coordinated and supported by our local partner Virtualcare.

To read the full article, check out the PDF here or read the publication on its homepage. And for more details on the Mid Central program, read “Winning New Zealand’s War Against Wounds with AI and Dedicated Specialty Nurse-Led Services.”

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