March 8, 2022 | Maira Oliveira

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Net Health WorkPlace Health Series: Spotlight on the Three Cs – Community, Connection and Caring

As we reach the end of our Net Health Workplace Health series, we also want to take a moment to highlight other incentives the company hopes to see take flight in 2022. For example, Net Health has launched the Community, Connection and Caring (CCC) Incentives, which are opportunities for colleagues to remain connected and have the ability to get to know each other throughout the year.

Back in September 2021, the company’s two-day CONNECT event saw a lot of positive feedback from the majority of employees, most of whom asked the question: How can we stay connected? Not just now but year-round.

And so, the CCC initiatives were designed with a few goals in mind, to ensure that at Net Health employees find a place where they can:

  • Be their authentic self.
  • Be known for who they are inside and outside of work.
  • Feel seen, heard and understood.
  • Connect with others on a human level.
  • Enjoy opportunities to get to know your colleagues.

Now let’s look at some NH CCC initiatives that are currently underway.

Staying Connected Email Series 

A part of CONNECT 2021 that drew great curiosity – before the event even started – was a website created to get everybody excited about what was to come. On this website, dubbed the CONNECT Hub, everything from videos, talks, surveys and more from years’ past were shared. In 2022, this point of connection has continued to expand by way of our new Staying Connected email series. Every week, we feature a Net Health employee and an opportunity to get to know them a little better.  Whether it’s them sharing their day in the life of, or telling us about a few of their favorite things, it’s a great way for us to continue to interact and engage with one another. 

Support Channels on Slack

Whether it’s Skype or Zoom, many companies rely on a messaging system to communicate with colleagues on a day-to-day basis. Here, at Net Health, Slack has become the preferred platform of choice. Not only does this messaging platform allow colleagues to send voice messages and participate in group conferences, it also allows users to create private chat rooms.

Created by NH employees themselves, various private support channels are currently available on Slack to support employees in several stages and challenges of life. From drug/alcohol addiction to sobriety celebration to grief loss and cancer support, these channels serve as a good reminder that while connecting over happy things is easy, sometimes connecting through the hard times is what really draws us closer and brings us together.

What Else?

This is a question that Net Health is always striving to answer. What else can we do? How else can we continue to help employees feel supported while providing an abundance of opportunities and resources to connect with each other?

While it remains to be seen how these initiatives will truly come to fruition in 2022, by building a community of colleagues who care, Net Health hopes to provide opportunities for all employees to connect on a human level. Not just during special events, but at times when they may need it the most.

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