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Net Health’s Cathy Thomas Hess Insights Featured in McKnight’s Long Term Care News

An Expert Take on the Power of Technology and Innovation in Wound Care 

The evolution of wound care is something that Cathy Thomas Hess, BSN, CWCN, the Chief Clinical Officer for Wound Care at Net Health, has been an integral part of throughout her 35-year career. Behind these changes are the methods with which providers approach and carry out wound treatment, namely with increased technology and breakthrough products. In her article for McKnight’s Long Term Care News, Hess discusses what she sees as some of the most important impacts on the challenging area of wound care, as well as which essential components allow nurses at skilled nursing facilities to provide optimum care.

Same Wounds, Better Approach

Part of appreciating where wound care is now is understanding where it has been, Hess points out. Before the newest innovations, wounds that wouldn’t heal, despite the best efforts of clinicians, often led to complications and less than desired clinical outcomes. Traditional manual measurements also led to variations in reporting status of wounds, which could also impact care provided.

Hess notes that the etiology of wounds has remained the same, therefore the ongoing mission to combat them marks a crucial need for the best practice, products, technology and workflow. Especially notable impacts, she says, have been made by the following:

  • Telehealth
  • Cell and tissue products
  • 2D and 3D imaging
  • Adjunctive therapies and products

Best in Flow

The difficultly of treating wounds has been made more complex by government and payer regulations, and by the need for meticulous and accurate record-keeping to avoid under-reimbursement. Assessment and coding accuracy are key, which Hess says are best achieved with the use of the following for a smooth workflow: 

  • Streamline the minimum data set (MDS)
  • Good Interview and communication skills
  • Proven wound-specific measuring devices and documentation methods

Though the treatment of wounds remains an area full of complexities, Hess emphasizes that there is much to say for the newest tools that can help the nurses in SNF units to provide optimal patient and wound care.

Read Cathy Thomas Hess’s full article here

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