July 3, 2023 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Cathy Thomas Hess Named One of the ‘Top 50 Women Leaders of Pennsylvania’

At Net Health, you could say we’ve grown used to our leadership being acknowledged for their expertise and commitment to healthcare. We have one of the strongest senior management teams in the industry, and their accomplishments are often recognized.

Still, we are always gratified when one of our own is honored for the amazing work they do. Most recently, Cathy Thomas Hess, BSN, RN, CWCN, our VP and Chief Clinical Officer for Wound Care, was named by Women We Admire as one of the “Top 50 Women Leaders of Pennsylvania for 2023.”

Cathy received the award for her expertise and passion for wound care. She was also recognized for her exceptional knowledge of what needs to be done to help the industry meet the challenges of today while ensuring that patients secure the best possible care and outcomes.

This level of commitment is vital in today’s complex and dynamic healthcare marketplace. And while we will not go so far as to say it’s rare in the medical realm, it certainly is not an easy role to achieve and maintain.

Here at Net Health, helping our leaders reach and exceed these leadership levels is a key company-wide strategy.

Perhaps the most important way we encourage this is by focusing on our people and giving them the resources and assistance needed to support clients and, in turn, their organizations and patients. It’s the concept of creating solutions by the people, for the people.

By developing a deep and passionate understanding of our clients’ needs, it allows us to better advocate for them and anticipate the problems they need to solve.

One of Cathy’s main priorities throughout her career, for example, is to ensure that technology and processes work within the real-world workflows of wound care doctors, nurses and other providers.

She knows they can’t do their jobs and focus on patients if they are busy with unnecessary administrative burdens and repetitive tasks like taking information from one EHR system and duplicating it into another; that’s a waste of valuable time.

So, Cathy spends a lot of time showing operators and clinicians how to streamline their workflows, optimize technologies and improve productivity.

The time they gain by learning these strategies can then be used to make better clinical decisions, which can positively affect an organization’s outcomes, financial stability, quality ratings and more.

These clients, as well as our Net Health team, benefit from Cathy’s 35 years of experience in the industry. This includes working as a wound care nurse and years of experience in senior leadership, leading her consulting firm, serving as a lecturer, and literally writing the book on wound care. (She is the author of “Product Guide to Skin and Wound Care (Eighth Edition)” as well as hundreds of articles and book chapters.)

Cathy epitomizes our commitment to ensuring our top leadership has the exceptional skills and insights our clients need and want.

Congratulations Cathy! We are honored and delighted you are part of the Net Health team!

To read more about Cathy and others who were recognized with this award, read “The Top 50 Women Leaders of Pennsylvania for 2023.”

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