January 19, 2021 | Jason James

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Net Health’s CIO Discusses Remote Work Exhaustion and How to Cope with the Fatigue

Remote work has taken center stage for the better part of 2020 with video meetings being the most sought collaboration tool for enterprises. As a result, video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have increased in popularity and become fully integrated into the workplace at a pace never seen before.

This tremendous shift has come with both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of taking control of your workspace and reduced commute have led to long-term cost reduction and a more flexible workforce. Dealing with remote work exhaustion and finding a balance between work and home life have been the major challenges for many.

In this detailed article, Remote Work Exhaustion: 13 Tips to Reduce Fatigue from The Enterprisers Project, Net Health CIO Jason “JJ” James explores the pain points surrounding remote work exhaustion.

Read the article to learn more about how being online constantly has led to exhaustion and the practical steps you can take to reduce the fatigue and still remain productive in these unprecedented times. As the world continues to function in this new pandemic, it’s important to apply these approaches to put remote workers on the path towards less stress and greater results.

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