December 8, 2020 | Net Health

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Net Health’s Founder Talks Culture and the Importance of Being a “Refounder” in the COVID Age

Net Health’s Founder, Patrick Colletti, was recently invited to be a guest on TechVibe, a podcast that features a “technology-focused radio show telling the story of our region’s tech companies and the women and men running them.” Jonathan and Audrey, the hosts of TechVibe, interviewed Patrick about growing Net Health from a company of two to more than 500+ employees.

Patrick considers himself to be a “refounder,” and In this recent episode, he shared his thoughts on what it means to be a refounder and how he believes refounders must engage to fix what’s broken and make it better.

“The pandemic required extraordinary changes for our clients, their patients, and our employees,” said Patrick. The stories of those who met the challenge head-on really inspires us. Culturally, this was a perform-or-else situation for organizations of all sizes. If your organization invested in culture early on, you had a critical competitive advantage.”

Patrick also reflected on key elements of Refounders:

  • Refounders share the same gene as Founders, though it’s expressed in different ways.
  • Refounders focus on repairing, renewing, and ultimately cultivating something better.
  • Refounders take a sober look, identifying what’s broken, imagine new possibilities, and work to create better realities for people.

Tune in TVR 12/5/20: Net Health Founder Patrick Colletti to learn more and check out to hear Patrick’s thoughts on the importance of culture and how investing in growth personally, professionally, and in our communities will help us meet this challenge.

About Patrick Colletti

Patrick has served Net Health as President for two decades. Today, as Founder and Advisor, he is equipping the growing movement of Refounders to reimagine and renew the places they live, work and play. With extensive experience in executive leadership in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments, he is passionate about driving growth while creating world-class culture. In 2021, his first book – Refounder: How Audacious Leaders Take What’s Broken and Make it Better – will be released. Current and past directorships include Net Health, Careform (ConnectiveRx), National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), SDC, Near Health, PLF, and the Pittsburgh Technology Council. In 2010, along with CTO Chris Hayes, he won the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Patrick is a graduate of Muskingum University, double majors in Business and Philosophy.

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