August 24, 2021 | Net Health

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Overwhelmed with all the New Immunization Mandates? We Can Help

The rapid increase in COVID cases due to the Delta variant has led to a rash of new guidelines as well as federal and state regulations.

Last week the Biden Administration announced two major initiatives that directly impact hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and others on the frontlines of patient care.

More specifically the latest directives mean administrators must ensure they track, manage, and fully report on their immunization initiatives. The news from Washington this week includes the following new requirements:

  • Booster shots must be available to all eligible Americans eight months following their second vaccine (that means many healthcare workers who were immunized this past winter will be eligible as of September).
  • Long-term care (LTC) organizations will have to ensure that all of their workers are vaccinated for COVID-19 if they want to participate in the Medicare/Medicaid programs. (This means that Medicare/Medicaid will not reimburse LTCs unless all workers are fully vaccinated.) That in itself is a huge undertaking as only 59% of nursing home and LTC workers are fully vaccinated.

For more information, check out the white house press release.

And one other critical piece to this complex puzzle . . . these new immunization initiatives also coincide with the annual Fall push for flu vaccinations in healthcare.  The conflagration of all these mandates will put a real burden on many hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to quickly ramp up programs.

Net Health Employee Health is designed to help.  The widely used platform offers total compliance tracking, including COVID-19 flu and other required immunizations, meaning with one step, organizations can manage flu and COVID immunizations. There’s even Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking feature – offered at no additional cost to customers – so that immunization clinics can be set up when and where it’s best for employees, helping to further improve efficiencies and streamline the process.

The platform also offers employee wellness oversight in one specialized and paperless documentation solution.  Most importantly, our team of experts is available to help organizations quickly implement and deploy their unique immunization plans and strategies. 

For more information, links to webinars and other useful data, or to schedule a free demo, visit us at Net Health® Employee Health.


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