August 4, 2022 | Net Health

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Enhance Productivity Amid Latest Revenue Challenges in Hospital Rehab Therapy

In 2020 and 2021, U.S. hospitals collectively lost hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue due to COVID-related strains.1

Now, these same hospitals are facing new revenue challenges in the form of rising inflation, skyrocketing expenses and low unemployment.2

How are hospitals dealing with these challenges without compromising the care they provide to patients?

For many departments, including hospital acute care rehab therapy teams, simply becoming more efficient is high on the list, a much more preferable option than cutting providers and services.

These efficiencies start with making improvements in the management of staff productivity. After all, staff scheduling, patient documentation, real-time communications, and so on have long been significant and time-consuming challenges for acute care rehab therapy providers working in hospital settings.

Fortunately, intelligent digital solutions exist that provide you as physical, occupational and speech therapists – and your supervisors – with seamless, real-time information and communications that enable you to increase your daily patient loads by as many as two patients a day per provider.3

Balancing Hospital Therapy Operations and Efficiencies

In a recent Net Health® webinar, experts Abby Jackson, PT, and Doug Cundiff, MPT, discuss these very operational efficiency issues as they relate to both hospital acute care and hospital outpatient settings.

In the acute care setting specifically, the pair discuss the use of digital patient management boards, like the Patient Management Board tool available with the Net Health® Therapy for Hospitals – Acute EHR solution.

Such tools help you and your acute care rehab therapy team streamline your order management process, maximize therapist productivity, and enable your patients to receive the urgent care they need in a timely manner.

As such, it replaces the traditional whiteboard or magnet board still used in a number of hospital settings. In contrast of these manual processes, which generally exist in a central location, this digital solution is directly populated with new patients and orders.

From the digital “board,” supervisors can more seamlessly schedule new evaluations and treatments while receiving (along with individual rehab therapists) real-time alerts when orders change, patients have been moved or transferred, and other updates have been made.

The Patient Management Board offers rehab therapy teams:

  • Smarter scheduling
  • Real-time alerts
  • Improved communication tools
  • Streamlined evaluations and documentation

Increase Your Hospital Rehab Team’s Productivity

To learn more about the Net Health® Patient Management Board, as well as hose Net Health Therapy for Hospitals – Acute and Outpatient EHRs can help improve efficiency and productivity within your departments, watch our free webinar titled “Balancing Hospital Therapy Operations and Efficiencies Across Multiple Settings.”

In the webinar, presenters share and discuss the therapy-specific management and clinical documentation solutions – like the Patient Management Board – that Net Health® has made available for hospital therapy leaders.

The webinar is intended for hospital directors and leaders of rehab who have responsibilities within multiple settings, specifically acute care and outpatient arenas. Presenters highlight specific tools that make it easier to manage operations across each of these settings.

Balancing Hospital Therapy Operations and Efficiencies Across Multiple Settings

Managing staffing, patient scheduling and therapist productivity more effectively as a leader in rehab.

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