May 2, 2018 | Net Health

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Revenue Cycle Management Mistakes Home Health Agencies Must Avoid

Quality of care is the first and most important focus for any home health agency. Unfortunately, offering best-in-class care is not enough to keep agencies financially stable. Financial issues can arise for a variety of reasons, from losing patients to competitive agencies to not receiving reimbursement for services in a timely manner. Home health agencies experiencing financial struggles quickly come to realize that, after quality of care, revenue cycle management is the second most important focus for their businesses.

In his recent article in HomeCare magazine, Optima’s Chief Revenue Officer Aaron Brandwein talks about the importance of revenue cycle management (RCM) to the financial health of home health agencies, and shares three areas they should pay particularly close attention to—referral management, clinical documentation and data analytics—where some of the most common mistakes can occur.

Read the article in HomeCare: 3 Revenue Cycle Management Mistakes to Avoid

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