December 23, 2016 | Net Health

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Learn to Master Section GG with the Right Training

Learn to Master Section GG with the Right Training

MDS changes can be a real pain. Understanding new regulations is confusing, and implementing them can be even more difficult. Like you, I’ve been paying close attention to the MDS Section GG requirements that went into effect on October 1, 2016. Not only did they contain changes to coding requirements, they affected both SNF and therapy staff!

The first step to mastering Section GG is understanding the basics. CMS created Section GG as a means of capturing the required quality measures for functional data reporting. Who cares? You should – because the changes continue to affect your day-to-day operations and have the potential to threaten your reimbursement.

What’s the #1 Section GG pain killer? Training.

MDS Section GG introduced multiple complexities that, if untrained, can leave therapists scratching their heads. The right Section GG training will answer (and re-answer) the biggest questions – like what exactly is usual performance and when do I measure it? (Just so you know, usual performance is the metric Section GG requires for measuring a resident’s activity, and is much different from the metrics therapy staff are familiar with.) And it doesn’t stop there. The collaboration Section GG requires between SNF and therapy staff means that therapists must be well-versed in who is responsible for the data and how they can support facility staff in timely collection.

We all know that change is hard. Doctor’s orders – train early and train often.

Optima has partnered with NARA to provide Section GG training, explaining what it means for your reimbursement and how you can partner with facility staff to ensure data accuracy.

Watch the video to learn these and other Section GG tips from therapy industry experts.

Additional Training Resources

Optima has several training resources to help you and your staff stay up to date on MDS Section GG. Download these and share them for easy, accurate education. 

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