April 25, 2017 | Net Health

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The Case for Emerging Market Wound Care (Part 1 of 3)

This article is part one of a research series. The full text, and follow on pieces, can be found on LinkedIn as originally published. 

As the business of advanced wound care in North America and Western Europe has boomed for the past two decades, most major wound care product and services firms, which are overwhelmingly based in those markets, have made comparatively little investment in the developing world.

To be clear, the complex wound epidemic in the developed world is far from over, and it will remain a high growth healthcare opportunity for years to come. Yet trends such as new market entrants, insurance consolidation, increasingly cumbersome documentation requirements, and the commoditization and market saturation of certain product types, combined with overall pressures to cut healthcare costs, have at a minimum impacted per-unit/per-patient profitability in the West, even as the overall market size continues to soar. Emphasis on prevention, bundled payments, and other risk-sharing trends on the horizon will further challenge the lucrativeness of wound care in the developed markets…

Author: Rafael Mazuz, Managing Director at Diligence Wound Care Global 

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