May 10, 2022 | Maira Oliveira

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Two Net Health Employees Share How They Built and Advanced Their Careers Within the Company

Let’s go back in time for a moment. Think about when you were in high school or college. You were probably excited about getting out into the “real world” and becoming employed. Maybe you envisioned the job of your dreams and were eager to get started. Now, as a hard-working, dedicated professional, you want to build upon your career and see how you can professionally grow.

Regardless of what field you’re in, it’s human nature for individuals to want to broaden their talents, get more experiences, receive a promotion, gain further knowledge and find a career path that elevates them to where they want to be – all through their own personal career advancement., a popular job search website, defines career advancement as “the process by which professionals across industries use their skill sets and determination to achieve new career goals and more challenging job opportunities.”1 Providing these opportunities is an important factor in employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity.

Over the past year, Net Health has seen more than 130 team members transfer to a different job position or department, ultimately to develop and enhance their career. We recently spoke to a couple of employees who have taken on these opportunities within the company.

Embracing Opportunities That Come Your Way

Rick Dearing started working for Net Health back in the early 2000s when it acquired another company he was originally with, known as The Rehab Documentation Company. Back then, he started as a support representative, and today he is Manager of Site Reliability Engineering. In his current position, Rick is responsible for making sure that our systems that house customer applications for our Therapy product line are fully functional and performing well for our clients at all times.

While he’s seen many changes since his early years at Net Health, he admits that he never imagined the company would grow to be what it is today – with more than 600 employees and various new hires on a weekly basis. But, in equal measure, he’s also thankful for the open doors that he has seen along the way. “I didn’t think I would have all these opportunities from where I was in Client Services to a true IT role today,” he said.

Professional Growth Can Be Attained Right Where You Are

Career development and growth isn’t always about moving to another department or position. It’s also about growing to different levels and attaining new skillsets within your own team. Phil Latortue, Implementation Enterprise Manager at Net Health, is a perfect example of this.

Similar to Rick Dearing, Phil also started in customer support. In the course of his nine years at Net Health, he eventually transitioned to implementation and training – first as an implementation specialist, then eventually landing his position as an implementation manager after working through different tiers within the company.

He notes that maintaining positive energy, being able to take feedback and focusing on his professional relationships is what helped him grow and learn as he advanced through these tiers. “Anytime there was any type of special project, it gave me an opportunity to expand my skills within the organization, outside of what I’m primarily tasked to do. And it also gave me that opportunity to work with others within the organization. All of these things helped me.”

Taking That Leap of Faith

The everyday work routine can sometimes make a person become complacent, but many positive opportunities await when a person is willing to take that next step. Net Health also wants to see you grow and further your career in a way that is most fulfilling and satisfying to you. Following the career path of your choice can not only help you grow, but it can also show you that the sky is truly the limit when you do.

Learn more about current job postings and opportunities at Net Health on our Career page.

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