November 1, 2022 | Net Health

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We Did It Again: CONNECT 2022 Takes Off With Terrific Talent!

One of the most highly-talked-about and most anticipated events at Net Health is CONNECT, an employee-led virtual gathering that takes place every year thanks to the helping hands of 100+ employees. Usually held in October, this exciting event provides everyone the opportunity to come together, engage and get to know each other a little bit better. All while having fun and being inspired along the way.

From keynote speakers to Nhed Talks (Net Health’s version of Ted Talks) to breakout groups and more, there was a little something for everyone to experience and gain so much from over the course of three days.

Net Health’s Got Talent!

This year, CONNECT 2022 focused on drawing attention to the multitude of diverse talents and skillsets of fellow colleagues. From “Connectivities” to four unique Nhed Talks, these segments highlighted the vast talent across the company – with a number of personal hobbies many were pleasantly surprised to learn more about! One employee, for example shared their great love of beekeeping and the benefits of honey, while another talked about their passion for astronomy and stepping out to see the night skies with their family. Bringing individuals together in this capacity allowed everyone to connect on a more personal level and find commonality on a slew of interests outside of work.

Engaging Keynote Speakers, Fun Breakout Sessions and More

At different times, employees got to see and hear various keynote speakers give presentations about the future of Net Health and the wide range of ventures and company goals that await. To see the technologically-advanced direction and mindset Net Health is moving forward in was both inspiring and encouraging to many.

During a popular Q&A session, ELT leaders were also presented with some hard-hitting questions that they answered both clearly and thoughtfully. This was an opportunity for employees to ask any question they had in an anonymous setting, freely and comfortably.

But perhaps a favorite at CONNECT this year were the breakout sessions, most of which occupied the entirety of Day 3. Here, colleagues could “choose your own adventure,” so to speak, and select which particular breakout activity they wanted to attend throughout the day. Some of these fun and thought-provoking sessions included the following:

  • The Emotional Life Of Your Brain
  • Women in Leadership Panel: Sharing Influences, Challenges and Successes
  • Net Health Cybersecurity Chat
  • Scavenger Hunt: This Time It’s For Real
  • Working Parents Cook-Along

Gratitude and Support for Client-Facing Teams  

While CONNECT has consisted of being a two-day event in the past, this year it was extended to three days and the start times varied by day. The purpose of this was so it would minimize the disruption to people’s work schedule. This was particularly important to client facing (Support, I&T, PMO) and IT teams that helped Net Health client needs throughout the event and who participated in CONNECT as time allowed them to.

Another CONNECT in the Wraps

Whether it was an uplifting Nhed Talk or an interesting breakout session, after a full and busy three days, Net Health employees had much to reflect upon and smile about.

There is no denying how sad it is when CONNECT is nearing a close. As one employee pointed out, CONNECT comes by quickly and always ends so soon. But it’s comforting to know that this part of Net Health’s culture – which has been going strong for more than a decade – is here to stay and positively impacts the lives of others for hopefully many more years to come.

Learn more about career opportunities at Net Health by checking out our Careers page.

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