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Net Health is trusted by over 20,000 practices for 25 years.

Differentiate Your Occupational Medicine Business from the Rest

Since the onset of the pandemic, many Occupational Medicine (OM) businesses have seen the need to rapidly grow and expand their services. Net Health® Occupational Medicine makes it easier for you to compete and stand out from the pack with in today’s changing environment with built-in unique features such as:

  • Flexible billing options
  • A KPI dashboard designed for occupational medicine businesses
  • Mobile immunization options
  • Efficient multiple exposure tracking for outbreaks
  • Telehealth capabilities

Our specialized software was designed specifically for the needs of OM businesses to ensure that patient care comes first and that employer clients are happy, healthy and safe at work.

Professionals in charge of benefits and health management services anticipate that their company’s investment in health will increase 25% or more over the next 10 years.1

Industries We Serve


with occupational medicine departments that serve hospital staff and/or provide services to other businesses

Urgent Care Centers

that own an occupational medicine business

Occupational Medicine Clinics

that are privately owned, part of a regional chain, or owned by an urgent care center

Retail & Manufacturing Companies

with occupational medicine departments that manage employee health, treat on-the job Injuries, and administer worksite vaccinations

Defensible Documentation

1-2 Minutes

Reported by customers who utilized rapid charting technology and saw a significant decrease in generating reports and charts.

Decrease in Denials

Realized by a large hospital customer, who also improved coding for new office visits by 25%, thanks to defensible documentation that confirms appropriate coding levels.​

Reduction in Training Time

Realized by a customer that sees 6,000 patients a month and requires maximum efficiency to get new providers live.​

Net Increase per Visit

Reported by a customer, thanks to a reduction in down coding, as a benefit of having appropriate documentation.​


Impress Your Customers with a Flexible, Customizable Billing System

Inaccurate billing and overall billing problems have become two of the main reasons that employers stop working with occupational medicine vendors. Most billing software makes it difficult for occupational medicine businesses to properly bill, access and report services. Additionally, many software solutions are not built to handle single invoices for employers with multiple visits from different patients. Net Health Occupational Medicine provides a billing system that can do all of those things with key features that allow you to spend more time on patient care. 

Leverage a timely and accurate billing system enables you to:

  • Accurately separate and track Worker’s Compensation costs vs. employer services and invoice each, using a clear, easy-to-process format to reduce workarounds and confusion.
  • Properly invoice employers for employer services through an invoice format automatically integrated within the software solution.
  • Create and alter fee schedules for each employer.
  • Invoice employers for employer services separately.
  • Eliminate paper forms and submit claims electronically.

Bills have to be perfect on the way out because if they’re not, two things are going to happen. You’re not going to be paid, and the client will quickly leave you if they cannot get invoices in a proper format that assures them you’re not up-charging them.

The ability to provide proper billing services is one of the strongest attributes of the Net Health Occupational Medicine software system.

Gene Howell, CEO of Reliant Urgent Care
Net Health Client and Billing Partner

Gain Greater Visibility with KPI Dashboards

Injuries can happen in the workplace, and a dashboard that only looks at key performance indicators (KPIs) related to care delivered when the employee visits the occupational medicine clinic does not cover the totality of what your business needs. Effective EHR dashboards that go beyond the scope of one-dimensional views make it convenient to track progress, monitor KPIs and share relevant business intelligence with leaders to improve decision-making.

More and more, it’s become crucial for occupational medicine businesses to embrace data-driven decisions. Keeping a close eye on data and KPIs not only helps you promote your business, it also paves the way for successful employer and employee support. With Net Health Occupational Medicine, you will no longer have to worry about manually monitoring, managing, or reporting all of the KPIs needed to demonstrate value and success.

  • Peak times 
  • Provider productivity
  • Types of visits and how they impact staffing
  • Number of visits seen for every evaluation
  • Percentage of occupational medicine visits of total patient volume
  • Follow-up ratios compared to national standards
  • Time from initial visit to the resolution of medical complaint
  • Ratio of new injuries to physical therapy sessions 
  • Ratio of new injuries to durable medical equipment utilization
  • Ratio of new patients to follow-up visits
  • Total charges per workers’ compensation follow-up appointment
  • Percentage of new injuries that are recordable vs. first aid by the provider
  • Total charges per new injury by the provider
  • Total charges per workers’ compensation follow-up appointment by provider
  • Occupational medicine visits divided into occupational health percent vs. workers’ compensation percent

Meet Clients Where They Are with Mobile Immunization Tracking

While many Occupational Medicine services are offered at a clinic, some may require you to visit a client on-site, so it’s essential to have mobile immunization options available. Clinics that administer immunizations and vaccinations on-site using an app on a tablet or smart phone are able to offer their clients more options to support better care.

Net Health’s Mobile Immunization Tracking feature creates a safe and easy way to administer, document, track and monitor vaccinations. In turn, this enables greater efficiency, compliance and accuracy, and timely submissions at both state and national levels.

  • Conveniently run the application on your tablet or laptop.
  • Scan patient badges to quickly identify employees.
  • Electronically record and upload patient consent forms.
  • Increase speed of data entry with pre-populated fields for large groups.
  • Send immunization data on scheduled intervals.
  • Pull immunization data and Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The documents are uploaded, and they are available by 2 a.m. the next morning. It’s incredible! I go in and get reports daily from the prior day to see if there are any employees or any issues with the upload, and issues have been extremely minimal.

It’s been really advantageous, because being able to automatically upload the form to each staff member’s EHR account has been really time saving for all of us.

Greg Freeman Regional Manager of Occupational Health & Wellness, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital

Keep Track of Outbreaks and Exposures, All in One File

Imagine there’s an outbreak in your Occupational Medicine business that exposures hundreds of clients and employers. Typically, that means the time-consuming, repetitive task of updating each exposed person’s health record with the same information. But with Net Health Occupational Medicine, our Multiple Exposure Tracking feature enables your staff to create just one file for the outbreak and quickly pull in the names of clients who may have been exposed.

With the click of a button, each exposed employer health record is automatically updated with the information, saving your staff precious hours of time. You can use this feature to track exposures to viruses, from the flu to COVID, infectious diseases, or any contagious illness.

See How Telehealth Options Can Improve Care

Increase health care value, affordability and efficiencies by using telehealth options in your Occupational Medicine business. Providing telehealth opportunities makes room for positive patient outcomes through fewer visits. With Net Health Occupational Medicine, you can manage care while reducing costs through telehealth services.

Currently, over 76% of U.S. hospitals are now connecting with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through the use of mobile apps, video and other technology.²

Features and Benefits You Can Count On


Easy-to-Use Electronic Platform

Be more efficient by managing injuries, illnesses and exposures electronically as you monitor employee health and organizational compliance.


Certified EHR Software Solution

Go beyond monitoring employee injuries and treat your staff while properly documenting data in a secure, compliant electronic medical record.


Employer Specific Protocols

Create detailed, employer-specific protocols as well as client-specific protocols that include both billing and contact information.


Occupational Medicine

Enjoy a specialized EHR that drives workflow, scheduling, billing and more for employee care.


Robust Reporting

Stay informed of important trends in real time and make better decisions for your business and staff with at-a-glance KPIs on compliance, patient flow, illness and injury rates, and cost data.


Rapid Charting Capabilities

See how convenient it is to have a guided patient visit workflow and charting capabilities that allow providers to quickly complete defensible documentation.


6 Tactics to Grow and Expand Your OccMed Business

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Everything You Need to Manage Your Practice

We understand that your job is to make sure your clients’ employees are healthy while simultaneously upholding standards and maintaining regulatory compliance. Net Health Occupational Medicine enables your staff to:

Say good-bye to the days of tedious, time-consuming patient health tracking on paper.

No more spreadsheets! Reap the benefits of what it means to digitize your workflow. With intuitive workflows, it is now easy for your staff members to enter your clients’ employee information, all in a single source.

Find what you need to know about a patient’s health status quickly in just one health record.

Our Employee Portal and Manager Portal simplify the process of collecting and reviewing patient injury, illness or immunization status and documentation. Staff members, managers and executives alike can trust a single source for all patient records.

Get rid of manual processes with the convenience of automated back-office work and billing.

Manage e-claims quickly and easily like never before. Ensure compliance with workers’ compensation state reporting requirements, review employer billing information, and bill insurance payers all from one streamlined solution.

Rest easy knowing that all of your patient medical data is safe and secure at all times.

Privacy is key. Yours and your clients’ peace of mind matters. Document and store treatment and personal health information in our single, secure patient record that is always private and confidential.

Manage your appointment scheduling and everyday tasks all in one place.

Do it all through our Employer Portal. Stay on track of patient visits with online appointment requests, gain business and patient insights with at-a-glance reporting, review safety and case management as needed, and much more.

Enhance Security and Reduce Manual Labor with Employee and Manager Portals


Employee Portal

Delivers ease of use and added functionality that will save you time and give employees secure access on demand to track their work suitability

Empowers employees to take control of their health and save time for managers. Employees can access upload and print their own immunization records and fill out injury forms prior to scheduling appointments.


Manager Portal

Saves time by providing staff with an easy-to-use view of employee information while streamlining communication between EH staff members

Improve communication between employees, managers, and supervisors with automatic messaging, scheduling, and employee-specific data.

More Features and Benefits You Can Count On


Electronic Workflows

Reduce documentation time, improve documentation accuracy, and document the right information every time.


Connected Across Systems

Sync with your staff management system daily to help you better manager your employees, their health, and your organization.


Better Billing

Generate one employer invoice for multiple services to facilitate easy review of services rendered or bill employers by a specific location, facility, or department with split billing.


Automatic Appointment Scheduling

Simplify the process for employers and employees to request, schedule, reschedule, and manage appointments in the manager and employer portals.


Electronic Whiteboard

Stay on top of patient location and status and see where a patient is at any given time with electronic whiteboard.


Business Insights

Boost efficiency and maximize revenue with at-a-glance KPIs through reporting with Doctrix® by Synergen Health.