Net Health® Patient Engagement Suite

Bring Them in the Door, and Keep Them Coming

Attract and retain patients by combining digital marketing tools with personalized patient communications.

Net Health® Patient Engagement Suite offers a deeper view of the patient experience in a comprehensive software solution.

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Net Health Patient Engagement Suite has allowed us to show the value that we give to our patients. What sets us apart is our excellent service, and now we have a tool to help us showcase that.

Ben Klein, Operations Manager, Outpatient Rehab
Jupiter Medical Center
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Everything You Need in One Solution

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Patient Engagement Suite is patient engagement and marketing tools that allows providers of therapy, wound care, hospice, and home health to expand their business and boost revenue by improving patient acquisition and retention.

Everything you need to manage the patient experience is integrated in one solution, eliminating the need for multiple patient engagement and digital marketing tools that each require their own training and overhead.


Automate Online Reputation Building

  • Automate your patient review capture, promotion and online reputation management, so you can spend more time with patients.
  • Optimize your online directories to increase the likelihood prospective patients will choose your clinic over your competitors.
  • Gain more 5-star reviews from your most satisfied patients.

Personalize Patient Communication

  • Connect with your patients outside of visits to strengthen your relationships with them and ensure completion of care.
  • Keep patients on track and motivated throughout treatment by providing insight, encouragement, and tips for at-home care between visits.
  • Ensure timely, personalized communication with your patients using their preferred method (SMS/email).
  • Enhance your patients’ overall treatment experience.

Improve Patient Experience

  • Maximize existing staff and resources with automated patient-provider messaging integrated directly into the EHR.
  • Streamline the patient intake process by sending electronic intake forms to your patients that automatically upload to the EHR, reducing the amount of time your patients have to spend in the clinic.
  • Allow your patients to request appointments at their convenience without calling the clinic.
  • Enable your clinic staff to respond to requests as they are able.

Outcomes Management for Rehab Therapy

Improve and share patient outcomes to attract new patients and engage them during the episode of care. Net Health® Therapy Patient Engagement Suite includes FOTO Patient Outcomes (FOTO), an industry-leading outcomes management system developed for rehab therapists that:

Enables providers to easily manage quality care metrics, track patient satisfaction, and market their successes


Provides real-time information on treatment effectiveness that can be used to keep patient engaged

Supports goal-setting conversations with patients that lead to realistic care plans and enhance the patient experience


Leverages FOTO’s predictive analytics capabilities prove to them the progress they’ve made to date


FOTO offered us the opportunity to have electronic, standardized, objective data for patient satisfaction and outcomes in the outpatient setting.

Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations
Mid South Rehab Services
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Boost your online presence, stand out over your competition, and build a fan base of happy customers.

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When we started with Net Health, we were seeing about 1,100 visits a month. Now we are seeing 1,600 visits a month.


Erik Norwood, MSPT

6 Patient Engagement Strategies for Rehab Therapy Clinics

Actionable tactics your team can implement right away to stimulate patient engagement.

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The Automated Online Reputation Building portion of Patient Engagement Suite is available for all clients in therapy, wound care, hospice, and home health. All Patient Engagement Suite functionality is fully integrated with Net Health Wound Care and Net Health Therapy for Outpatient.