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How Rehab Therapists Can Balance COVID-Induced Stress

The COVID-19 pandemic has put more stress on physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists than ever before. From the need to reconfigure treatment gyms to accommodate social distancing requirements to the mandatory screening of staff and visitors, several new practices are increasing the demand on staff time while pulling therapists away from their routine […]

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What High Patient Engagement Means for Reputation Management

Patient engagement can drive the success of a rehab therapy business in more ways than one. Research has shown that highly engaged patients can lead to better functional outcomes as well as positive care experiences. Now, these same benefits can be applied to bolster a practice’s online reputation.  With the move to value-based care and […]

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What Outpatient Rehab Departments Need to Know about Location Regulations

Location, Location, Location!! This is the phrase realtors quote about the ability to get top dollar when selling a property and in healthcare, this is a phrase that can determine coverage and payment methods – who knew?? Therapy providers have some of the fewest restrictions when it comes to locations of just about any other […]

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Communication, Documentation, and Education: Directors of Rehab Weigh in on the Top Challenges in Acute Therapy

The spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic has demanded drastic changes across the entire spectrum of healthcare, all of which have been implemented at an unprecedented rate. The need to accommodate these changes on such a massive scale has required unparalleled resourcefulness, teamwork, and decisive thinking-particularly among those working in acute care hospitals across the […]

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How to Promote Patient Engagement in the Rehab Therapy Landscape

Recent years have seen significant discussion about how to engage patients in rehab therapy treatment, and for good reason. Though patient engagement has always been considered a virtue among healthcare organizations, today, it is vital to practice success. With mounting pressure for value-based care and a sudden increase in telehealth service due to COVID-19, an […]

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4 Tips to Make Better Data-Driven Decisions in Rehab Therapy

As rehab therapy leaders, the decisions we make have profound effects on the quality of care patients receive, the support we give to staff and teams, and the strength of our bottom line. One of the most powerful resources we have that can assist in making better and more informed decisions is data. But for […]

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Understanding the New MPFS Rules for Rehab Therapists

Rehab therapists may be facing a pay cut in 2021, but at least it won’t be as high as they were originally expecting, thanks to the Consolidated Appropriations and COVID-19 Relief Act of 2021, signed December 27, 2021.1 The final 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) rules announced by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid […]

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Why Collecting Data in Rehab Therapy Isn’t Always Enough

Data is beautiful. It’s a powerful tool that, when used properly, can help support sustainment, drive growth, and give us the direction we need when making a critical decision. Not only that, but data can also help us to offer better care to our rehab therapy patients, foster a more supportive environment for our employees, […]

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Outpatient Therapy: Getting Patients Involved in Their Recovery

Outpatient physical therapy providers hope to have each patient arrive at their appointment feeling excited and encouraged to continue treatment-especially since more engaged patients can lead to better overall outcomes.¹ However, unlike acute care settings, where patients have direct access to physical therapy throughout the day, outpatient therapy settings cause patients to segment treatment over […]

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Appalachian Regional Healthcare System Raises the Bar with Net Health Therapy

The outpatient rehabilitation clinics of Appalachian Regional Healthcare System, based in North Carolina, have been on the latest leg of their digital transformation journey since 2015, when they implemented ReDoc® classic, Net Health Therapy’s legacy rehab therapy EHR. “We had computerized scheduling at the time, but still used paper documentation,” reflected Alicia DeBord, Manager of […]

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