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How Patient Engagement Drives Your Rehab Therapy Business

It’s no secret that patients who are actively involved in their own recovery experience better health outcomes than disengaged patients. Additionally, actively engaged patients can lead to lower costs for a facility and contribute positively to improved practice efficiency. Highly engaged patients are at the heart of successful rehab facilities, but do you know how significant patient engagement is for […]

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How Your Private Practice Can Thrive in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic created a whirlwind of uncertainty, fear, and unprecedented change across the therapy private practice industry. As a result of just how quickly the pandemic took the world by storm, many of us found ourselves constantly on the defense with time only to make reactionary decisions. In this ebook, we provide suggestions to […]

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4 Steps to Telehealth Success

Whether you’re looking to add telehealth to existing treatment plans, make telehealth a major part of your operations, or your team is just looking to test-drive the treatment medium, research shows that you stand to capitalize on numerous wonderful benefits. And if the road to getting started with telehealth seems a bit little unclear, that’s […]

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Top 6 KPIs to Understand and Optimize Your Rehab Therapy Revenue Funnel

Delivering the highest level of care for patients is key to running a successful rehab therapy practice. But providing high-quality care is only possible when your practice has the adequate financial resources necessary to fully support your teams and operations. Understanding the critical elements that affect your revenue streams and form your revenue funnel relies on properly […]

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Modern Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

The convenience, accessibility, and volume of information available online provides today’s healthcare consumers with more care and treatment options than ever before. As we look ahead to 2021, healthcare organizations must continuously adapt to thrive in our digital world and successfully attract and engage patients. Click to View Webinar In the webinar recording, Net Health digital […]

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