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Maximize Performance while Prioritizing Patient Care with an EHR for Clinics

Running a truly successful rehab therapy clinic requires significant attention to both clinical and business aspects. Effective outpatient therapy EMR and EHR software enables you to optimize the business performance of your therapy clinic while ensuring you deliver high-quality patient care. Handle everything from physical therapy documentation to patient engagement.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics is specialized rehab management software that serves all the needs of private practice and other non-hospital, outpatient therapy clinics. It is a comprehensive rehab EMR software solution designed specifically for rehab therapy providers, including those providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. By simplifying workflows, our specialty rehab EHR software enables you and your therapists to get back to your true calling – helping your patients get better and rehab faster.

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See how Net Health has helped this physical therapy clinic reduce the time to create patient evaluations to 6 minutes.

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Increase Therapist Productivity

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Maximize Reimbursement


Provide Valuable Insights


Strengthen Your Practice’s Reputation


Improve Patient Experiences and Outcomes

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Therapy EMR: Key Benefits of Our Outpatient Rehab Software for Clinical Therapy Providers


Increase Therapist Productivity, Retention, and Compliance

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  • Reduce documentation headaches that hurt therapy staff productivity and frustrate therapists.
  • Reduce compliance risks with automation and guardrails that ensure complete documentation.

Increase Revenue and Reimbursement

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  • Engage patients so they’re motivated to complete their care plan – and boost your revenue in the process.
  • Maximize reimbursement by automating and reducing errors in your coding, claim creation, billing and collections.

Improve the Client Experience and Clinic Efficiency

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  • Improve front office operations so you can efficiently register patients and schedule visits to maximize the workload of your therapists and reduce patient time in clinic.
  • Access scheduling details, clinical documentation, and practice management information from anywhere at any time with our cloud-based software.
  • Reduce IT headaches with automatic, timely updates and feature enhancements.

Attract and Retain More Patients

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  • Attract and retain more patients with patient engagement and marketing tools that increase awareness of your practice.
  • Gain powerful insights into clinical results and business performance so you can make data-informed decisions, improve patient outcomes and increase profitability.
  • Enable your practice to smoothly operate even as your business grows to new heights.

An EHR that helps your therapists and helps you run the business?

Now that’s different.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics is a proven, effective EMR solution for outpatient clinics. Our EHR software is used by private practices of all sizes, from small startups to some of the largest outpatient rehab providers in the nation. Net Health has private practice software for the continuum of care, from hospital to home. See It For Yourself NetHealth_QuotationMarks_RGB_Start_Reversed

The billing is the best product for revenue services compared to others on the market.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics Client

By far, [Net Health Therapy for Clinics] is my favorite. What sets [it] apart is the Collection Workfiles for account follow up. 

Net Health Therapy for Clinics Client

I love the workflow and navigation of creating a new note.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics Client

Evals take me 5-7 minutes due to the enhanced workflow and features.    

Net Health Therapy for Clinics Client

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Practice Management Challenges for Rehab Therapy Clinics

A central goal of every physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physiotherapy clinic is to deliver on their mission of helping patients achieve their rehabilitation goals. However, a practice can’t accomplish that without also ensuring that the business remains profitable. Net Health Therapy for Clinics is a specialized Outpatient Therapy EHR and EMR software solution for clinics that addresses the key challenges private practices face.

See the Challenges We Can Change
  • Incomplete clinical documentation that prevents you from getting fully reimbursed for the care your therapists provide.
  • Inaccurate clinical documentation that results in compliance issues, takebacks and reprimands.
  • Documentation and coding errors that lead to delayed billing or claims denials.
  • Inefficient outpatient rehab therapy EMR software that makes documenting visits time-consuming and error-prone, dragging down therapist productivity and hurting employee retention.
  • Inefficient accounts receivable processes leading to cash flow problems.
  • Difficulty optimizing scheduling and maximizing clinician productivity with old-school tools.
  • Poor patient engagement, resulting in cancellations, no-shows and lost revenue for the practice.
  • Lack of know-how for growing your business through referrals, marketing, and word-of-mouth from satisfied clients.
  • Difficulty scaling your business and clinical operations to handle your patient growth.

Designed by Therapists for Therapists: The Net Health Difference

Boost Efficiency with an EHR Built for Rehab Therapy Clinics

Unlike limited physiotherapy, occupational, and physical therapy management software, Net Health Therapy for Clinics is a comprehensive all-in-one system designed to address the documentation and management needs for physical therapy, speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy providers. Our strategically architected and developed outpatient therapy EMR software features robust, discipline-specific clinical content and workflows that drive compliant documentation. Learn more about a leading EHR software for clinics by scheduling a demo.

Net Health’s therapy EMR for non-hospital, outpatient clinics and private practices offers the freedom of choice, between a clinical EHR pre-built and ready go, or a specialized therapy EMR with customizable workflows to easily document patient visits.

Detailed templates for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy, including niche practices such as lymphedema, pelvic health, and pediatrics, guide clinicians through the documentation process. This permits them to quickly create and manage care plans for each patient, as well as easily complete compliant, therapy-specific documentation at the point of care. That’s an EHR platform therapists can count on.

The efficiencies created by this rehab therapy software help you better manage occupational, speech and physical therapists and increase clinician productivity – ultimately allowing them to focus more on the work they love: caring for patients.


A Therapy EHR That Takes the Conjecture Out of Billing, Compliance, Reimbursement, Revenue Management & More….

Automation for efficiency, compliance, and revenue

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Net Health Therapy for Clinics automates numerous tasks for therapists, coders, and billers including:

  • Compliance guardrails that ensure clinicians can easily create compliant documentation.
  • Alerts for “stale” documentation that encourage timely completion.
  • One-click validation that data is accurate when copied and pasted into a patient note.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) simplifies system access from registration to billing.

Easy rehab therapy software customizations

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Net Health Therapy for Clinics comes ready to use, but unlike rigid EMR software for rehab clinics you can tailor it to fit the way you want to work, with capabilities such as:

  • Specialized documentation templates that can be customized and shared to create organizational standards, including outpatient physical therapy documentation software templates as well as templates for occupational therapy and speech therapy.
  • Text shortcuts that accelerate and personalize documentation by inserting up to 2,000 characters when you type just a few letters.

Intelligent revenue generation tools

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Net Health Therapy for Clinics is packed with intelligence that automates and assists your claims process and maximizes reimbursement. With these tools, you can improve efficiency so you can grow your rehab therapy practice and improve cash flow. Highlights include:

  • Automated, optimal coding that instantly generates claims that match your local payer rules. This fills a knowledge gap for inexperienced staff and makes knowledgeable staff more effective.
  • Auto-generated worklists that efficiently guide your billings and collections teams.
  • Automatic coding, assignment of billing code units and claims adjudication that eliminates incomplete claims and ensures billing consistency across different clinicians.
  • Compliance checks to reduce claim delays and denials.

Enterprise scalability

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Net Health Therapy for Clinics scales to meet the performance needs of any rehab therapy provider, supporting up to tens of thousands of visits per day across thousands of sites in all 50 states.  Net Health Therapy is a future-proof investment for smaller providers, allowing you to grow your business without concern for whether your EHR can keep pace.

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Boost Revenue + Treat Patients

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Improve Patient Engagement

Strong patient-provider relationships are key to patient satisfaction and retention. Ultimately this contributes to improved patient outcomes and greater profitability.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics’ Patient Engagement Suite solution is a suite of patient engagement and marketing tools that allows therapy providers to expand their business and boost revenue by improving patient acquisition and retention. It automates patient review capture, promotion, and online reputation management – allowing you to leverage current patient relationships into future business by building online trust. Automated online review requests enable patients to turn positive experiences into five-star online reviews with just a few clicks.

Your private practice gains traction in the digital world, increasing the likelihood prospective patients will find and choose your rehab facility over the competition. We are your advantage to get ahead in physical therapy, OT and speech & language.

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Improve Patient Outcomes and Deliver Better Care

Access to industry-leading functional assessments keeps patients engaged and invested in their care plan. Net Health’s EHR software for rehab clinics features FOTO Analytics, which unlocks access to benchmarks, analysis, compliance and reporting tools. As the largest available database of functional patient outcomes, FOTO helps you monitor patient outcomes from both the individual clinician and organizational levels.

See What Your Therapists Can Do
  • Accurately benchmark patients against rehab therapy peers nationwide.

  • Use data to identify areas for improved patient care.

  • Predict the number of visits in which patients will reach their functional goals based on advanced, risk-adjusted science.

  • Set realistic goals with patients to establish expectations.

  • Show patients the progress they’re making.

Client Talks

See how FOTO has helped this physical therapy clinic qualify for more reimbursement.

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Discover Powerful Insights

You can’t manage what you can’t measure and review. Net Health’s physiotherapy clinic software offers robust tools to help you uncover powerful insights to optimize staff productivity and run a more efficient, cost-effective practice.

Make data-informed decisions with Net Health Therapy for Clinics’ robust reporting capabilities:

See the Robust Reporting Capabilities
  • Easily track and analyze your facility’s most important metrics through at-a-glance dashboards.
  • Gain easy access to billing, productivity and operations reports.
  • Understand therapist productivity with accurate records of time spent on patient care and documentation, conferring with other medical professionals and ordering equipment.
  • Identify areas for improvement with national benchmarking and risk adjustment through FOTO Analytics, the industry’s largest database of patient-reported functional outcomes.
  • Utilize essential business insights to make crucial staffing, performance and revenue decisions.
  • Negotiate higher reimbursement rates with better patient outcomes.
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Strengthen Your Referral Network

As an outpatient rehab therapy clinic, you send and receive faxes and messages from referring providers every day. While a healthy referral network is key to your success, communication about a patient’s plan of care can be tedious, cumbersome and time-consuming for your staff.

Net Health Therapy for Clinics streamlines this process by enabling clinics to receive patient files digitally – as E-Faxes and Direct Secure Messages – within one centralized mailbox. This functionality allows you to strengthen your referral networks, improve staff satisfaction and productivity, and boost compliance.

Reach New Patients & Enhance Care with Telehealth

Grow your services, connect with wider populations, enhance patient engagement and optimize your bottom line by offering secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth options at your rehab therapy clinic.

Net Health® Therapy for Clinics seamlessly integrates with BetterAccess, a cloud-based telehealth solution, enabling your practice to establish greater patient access by reducing the variables that so often interrupt a patient’s plan of care – issues like travel, time and mobility limitations, illness, scheduling conflicts, and so on.

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An Always-available Cloud-based Solution

As a cloud-based offering, Net Health Therapy for Clinics reduces your infrastructure costs and allows you to access patient visit records on the Web from any device or location. Schedule updates are reflected in real-time, as are changes to patient documentation. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or operate a network of clinics, accurate and up-to-date information is available at your fingertips when you need it.


Your Partner in Patient Care

Net Health is here for you, every step of the way in your journey to create a better outpatient rehab therapy clinic.

Implementation + Training Ongoing Support Professional Services Implementation + Training

We’ll assign an implementation team to walk you through the Net Health Therapy for Clinics software solution, answering your questions and ensuring the solution meets your needs and expectations.

A project manager will engage with your organization to facilitate the process, from customizing clinician workflows to working with your IT provider to ensure smooth deployment. We’ll provide training modules for your staff, and an implementation specialist will answer questions and ensure your system is configured the way you want it.

Ongoing Support

Support is always available throughout your Net Health experience. Whether from in-app support requests, phone calls, email, or 24/7 access to online tutorials and a robust information warehouse, you can always get the answers you need when you need them.

Professional Services

Net Health 360 Professional Services ensures that you utilize best practices and maximize ROI from the Net Health Therapy for Clinics platform. These clinical subject matter experts can help you assess your organization’s performance and take advantage of the product’s full feature set to efficiently manage therapist productivity metrics and goals, scale and prepare for new business.


What I really like is the business intelligence dashboard. My ability to get a pulse on what’s going on is incredible.

Quickly, at a glance, I can look at any one or all of my clinics and know how we are doing from a productivity standpoint.

Phil Moe
Avera Therapy Outpatient Manager NetHealth_QuotationMarks_RGB_End_Reversed

Experience It For Yourself

Net Health’s innovative EHR solution is built to maximize productivity today and capitalize on the technological advancements of tomorrow. Learn more about this flexible, robust, powerful EHR solution tailored specifically for outpatient clinics and private practice therapy teams.

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