March 26, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Creating a Mission Statement for Your PT Brand

Let me just say it: I believe in the power of a mission to guide a practice. In my opinion, a mission defines a company’s reason to be, and it allows employees to focus on a single essence for which they stand.

The mission statement is a formal notation of this essence; however, it is in this statement that many private practice owners lose sight of the purpose of the mission itself. 

Crafting a mission statement isn’t an item of business planning to be “checked off the list” before moving to the next section of the plan. Nor is it a statement put together from generic corporate-speak that could as easily apply to a car manufacturer as it could a physical therapy practice. A good mission is simple and serves as a springboard into everything else the practice does, and will ever do.

How to Formulate Your Physical Therapy Practice’s Mission Statement

Deciding on your private practice’s mission can take anywhere from weeks to months or even years, but a mission statement can be narrowed down in a few minutes. I encourage you to keep these three things in mind while creating your physical therapy mission statement:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Make it easy to remember.
  • Make it meaningful .

Additionally, I recommend mission statements of 10 words or less, and consistent with the following formula:

Our practice [exists to achieve this ideal] by [doing this thing].

Every business decision that is made will tie back to this mission statement in some shape or form. The mission and goals of your rehab private practice are important, and they matter. By solidifying a mission statement that works best for your practice, everyone – from staff to your clientele – can benefit from the power and focus that a strong mission can provide.


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