October 13, 2022 | Net Health

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Data Analysis Shows What Really Happened to Wound Care Over the Pandemic

Analysis of more than 3.6 million wounds by Net Health’s Tobe Madu in article published in Wound Masterclass provides insights and path forward

How did Covid-19 impact wound care providers and patients? How has the wound care industry adapted to post-pandemic landscape? What impact does it continue to have?  While there remain a lot of questions, only one thing is certain: demand for quality wound care is high and will only increase.

Providing greater insights into what happened to wound care, not only during COVID-19 but also as we explore the post-pandemic marketplace, was the goal of research conducted by Net Health data scientist Tobe Madu. Tobe outlined his findings in the September/October issue of Wound Master Class in an article entitled, Navigating the Current Wound Care Landscape Post Covid-19.

“I think it’s important to examine the data and find patterns that can lead to a better understanding of where wound care is needed and how those suffering can get the help they need,” said Tobe. “We can use data to do so much, from ensuring a facility has enough staff to create the best efficiencies for wound care scheduling to identifying treatments that work best.”

Analysis of 3.6 million wounds since 2012

Tobe analyzed visit volume per facility in a subset of the Net Health® Wound Care database and looked at 439 facilities, which handled 3.6 million wounds, representing 12 million visits dating back to 2012. 

Key findings included that for the 10-year period between 2012 to 2021, volumes in May, August and October tended to be higher than November, January and February, likely correlated to weather and holidays taking place during those months.

Understandably, the COVID pandemic created outliers to the historical data. One clear lesson is that collecting and analyzing data is more important than ever.  “When you know what’s doing well, you can do more of it and improve care overall,” explains Tobe.  “Gathering and analyzing your data can be a big help, assisting with staffing expansion, the products being used and the treatments that are or aren’t working.”

Want to get the latest data analysis?

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For more about Tobe’s findings, read his article and follow Tobe on LinkedIn for ongoing insights and updates on the latest data.

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