March 17, 2023 | Net Health

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KPI Spotlight: Measure Clinical Outcomes in Skilled Nursing to Improve Rehab Therapy Results

For rehab therapists who work in skilled nursing (SNF), caring for patients and measuring levels of improvement is a top priority. That’s why key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential part of obtaining actionable insights for any SNF rehab therapy team.

While in our first spotlight on key performance indicators (KPIs) blog series, we looked at the role the productivity KPI plays in the healthcare space, this blog will explore how and why measuring clinical outcomes (CO) is critical in ensuring practitioners are providing patients the care they need and deserve.

What Are Clinical Outcome KPIs in Skilled Nursing?

Generally speaking, clinical outcome measures reflect how well rehab therapists and therapy teams achieve positive results for their patients.

When looking at clinical outcomes, SNF rehab therapists can evaluate the precise improvements patients are making as a result of their treatments. Whether it’s physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language pathology, clinical outcomes is a crucial KPI that helps guide patient care.

For example, when poor clinical outcomes are observed, the rehab therapy team can re-analyze treatments and make appropriate adjustments. These measures can also pinpoint areas within which therapists could use additional education and training.

In offering this, clinical outcome measurements provide rehab therapy teams with the opportunity to both enhance patient care and demonstrate clinical competencies by looking at patient data.

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Track and Improve Clinical Outcome KPIs for SNFs

In the skilled-nursing sector, as in other areas of rehab therapy, treatment goals revolve around achieving optimal functional outcomes for patients. The more effective the therapy, the quicker patients are able to overcome challenges and achieve a semblance of normalcy.

Not all rehab therapy (or therapists, for that matter) are created equal, however. By taking a close eye on clinical outcome measures, administrators and rehab therapy directors can note key areas that may necessitate improvement.

A specialized EHR solution that offers a highly visual dashboard can help leaders pinpoint areas that are successful as well as lacking by providing data on the following:

  • Scores on overall improvement outcomes
  • Scores that reflect patient functionality at the start of patient care
  • Scores that reflect patient functionality at discharge
  • Average patient lengths of stay
  • Clinical outcomes by different payers
  • Patient outcomes compared with other national facilities

Additionally, it’s helpful when administrators and rehab therapy directors are able to further filter data points by specific periods of time in order to evaluate levels of improvement.

Measure Clinical Outcomes Against the National Averages

A reliable software solution will offer the capability to compare clinical outcome scores with national averages. This makes it possible for rehab therapy leaders to learn where they stack up against the rest of the healthcare market, including skilled nursing facility (SNF) competitors.

In the case of Net Health Optima, which was designed with SNF rehab therapy needs in mind, our optional Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides dashboards that give rehab therapists the ability to see how they compared to other SNF therapists in the country.

The Business Intelligence tool also provides a look at performance percentages and other drill-down data to assist with overall improvement goals.

When comparing with national clinical statistics, it’s important to note that different rehab therapy facilities will have different improvement rates, and what may apply to one may not apply to all.

Whether you’re looking to improve clinical outcomes or take a closer look at performance data at your facility, learn more about how our Net Health Business Intelligence solution can help by scheduling a demo today.

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