February 17, 2022 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Net Health Supports Rehab Therapists Seeking to Improve Self-Care

As we approach the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, one would be hard-pressed to identify an area within our society that has managed to avoid the stress and long-term uncertainty caused by the virus.

Indeed, the health care community has absorbed a sizable portion of this stress, and rehab therapists – despite initially being seen by some as outside the circle of influence and risk when it came to COVID care and treatment – have certainly not been immune to the personal and professional impact of the pandemic.

That’s what inspired the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) to develop its Fit for Practice initiative, an effort that we at Net Health were thrilled to champion and sponsor.

Therapists Supporting Therapists

Concerned with burnout, fatigue and professional uncertainty being felt across the therapy world, the APTA established Fit for Practice to help rehab therapists “take the needed time to look at their own health – physical and emotional – and take steps to improve it, if needed.”1

To support rehab therapists who wish to participate in Fit for Practice, APTA provided a wide array of resources for members and non-members alike, which were unveiled over a 16-week period: articles, social media events, podcasts, live discussions, calls to action, and even CEU courses.

Whether addressing movement, resiliency, restoration or practice health, each piece of material was created and shared for free in order to support the well-being of all rehab therapists and help them prepare for life after COVID.

Reuniting Rehab Therapists With Their Calling

A Fit for Practice Fiesta, sponsored by Net Health and held during APTA 2022 Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) in San Antonio, Texas, celebrated the conclusion of the initiative earlier this month. At the event, Net Health’s own Zack Butterfield, Sales Director in our Private Practice division, said a few words and shared some personal stories about staying resilient in the face of change.

“I am incredibly grateful to work at my career home, Net Health, as Director of Private Practice,” said Zack, who also represented Net Health at our vendor booth throughout CSM. “It’s my joy to be a champion for the kindest, most fun, mindful, and frankly, the best health care providers on the planet: therapists.”

We at Net Health take seriously our role in reuniting caregivers with their calling. Whether this involves enabling therapists to boost efficiency, performance and outcomes through scalable and reliable EHR software solutions or providing them with a simple and measurable way to engage with and market to patients, it’s our goal to help physical, occupational and speech therapists focus on what most matters: their patients as well as themselves.

In this respect, our support for APTA’s Fit for Practice initiative was a no-brainer for our Net Health team. Pandemic or not, we simply wish to see the rehab therapy profession thrive. Accomplishing this, of course, will require a willingness of therapists to seek and accept support that can benefit them both personally and professionally.

Continue the Journey

The materials provided by APTA through its Fit for Practice initiative are still available for free on its website.2 Simply visit apta.org and type “Fit for Practice” in the search bar.

And, if you would like to learn more about how Net Health services and tools can contribute toward helping you prevent burnout, fatigue and professional uncertainty within your rehab therapy practice or department, call us and schedule a demo today.

Download the ebook: Ultimate Guide to Therapist Productivity

1 American Physical Therapy Association, “Self-Care Is Crucial. How Are You Doing?” September 17, 2021
2 American Physical Therapy Association, “APTA Fit for Practice Initiative,” October 7, 2021

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