March 28, 2023 | Net Health

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Hate Being off the Grid? Offline Functionality Provides Vital Wound Care Workflow Continuity for Home Care Providers

Wired cities, 5G, 10G, satellites, and a host of technologies keep most of us connected, most of the time. But in healthcare, there are always what-ifs. What if the grid goes down? Is a connection slow and inefficient? What if you are visiting a home health patient in a remote area with no internet or traveling and want to work? What do you do if you are outside your facility and can’t connect to an unfamiliar network due to security and patient privacy concerns?

Lack of accessibility for busy private practice or home health wound care providers – often on the move – is especially critical. Most notably, if they rely on high-quality digital images from their smartphones, tablets, or other digital devices to measure, track and record the progress of patients’ wounds.

Downtime not an Option in Wound Care

There’s no such thing as downtime during the workday for busy wound care providers – images need to be recorded and assessed, data shared, care plans made, etc., no matter the state of an internet connection. Lack of connectivity means care is delayed, and critical tasks that could have been done get pushed to after-hours, adding even more time to already busy days. Even more concerning, it can mean that important insights, such as a patient at risk for a pressure injury, are missed if those images aren’t recorded.

The solution is offline accessibility which can ensure anytime/anywhere functionality and continuity for wound care workflow tasks. How does this translate to the real world? Think of a traveling wound care provider in Alaska or another rural area that may not have connectivity.

Through a mobile digital wound care platform, those wound care nurses can check patient records during a home visit and don’t need to transcribe notes when they return to the office. A system with offline capabilities should automatically sync data recorded offline once you’re connected again. Think of the efficiency and time-savings, especially in today’s tight labor market, where organizations work more with fewer staff.

Offline Mode Keeps Workflow Moving

When seeking digital wound care solutions, look for proven and trusted software that works regardless of location or connectivity status—some good news: Net Health® Tissue Analytics has built-in offline capabilities. 

 Whether a provider’s mobile device is offline, there’s a lousy internet connectionor it’s safer not to connect to an unfamiliar network,  Tissue Analytics can help you document wounds no matter the situation. You get the assurance of one of the world’s most trusted and experienced digital wound care solutions and the connectivity options you need to remain productive and focused on patient care, not reinputting data at the end of a long day.

 “We know it’s important for clinicians to record wound data when there’s low or no connectivity while traveling,” said Mike Furr, Product Manager for Tissue Analytics. “With offline mode, it’s possible to capture images of wounds and continue working without an internet connection. Plus, once you’re connected, wounds are automatically measured and analyzed.”

Explore the Possibilities

Whether you’ve been in situations where you lack connectivity or recognize that, at some point, it may happen, be sure to have Net Health Tissue Analytics ready to go. For more information or a demonstration, fill out a form here.

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