May 13, 2022 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Rehab Therapists: You Have Content. Use It!

As outpatient and private practice rehab therapists, do you realize how much value you can offer your patients outside the walls of your clinic?

From injury prevention articles to wellness tips to suggestions and support for caregivers … you have information that is of value, and it is within your power to use it! 

Relevant, timely content from physical, occupational and speech therapists can go a long way toward helping others, of course. But, great content also opens the doors to accessible marketing opportunities that can help you establish local credibility while attracting potential patients to your practice.

Useful and consistent content posted to your clinic’s website articles, blog posts, videos, and so on – can improve your website rankings, provide an anchor for information distributed through emails and e-newsletters, and give you the means to boost engagement on social media.

So, why aren’t more rehab therapists producing quality content?

The hesitation I often see with developing and using good content comes down to time. Who has the time to write articles or produce videos when they need to be working with patients?  

This issue can be easily tackled through a few quick tips below:

Share the Load

Get your staff involved with offering tips, tricks and advice that can be used for content. You may be the first to understand how to use content in your practice, but you certainly don’t have to create all of it yourself. 

Hire a Writer/Producer

Good content writers or video producers can be hired to interview staff and capture thoughts for them. Look online in your area for local freelancers who can efficiently and cost-effectively create content for your practice using the brainpower within it. 

Transcribe Your Content

Don’t type or write quickly enough to capture your thoughts? Transcribe them and edit content for final use by your clinic. You may be surprised at how useful your thoughts and creative moments may be to others. 

Simplify Your Expectations

Maybe writing 1,000 words doesn’t work for you once a month, but you can crack out 150 words every week with no problem. Don’t attach yourself to a quantity that isn’t attainable. Focus more on quality and relevance when it comes to content. 

I’m amazed at how resourceful rehab therapists can be and how much benefit can be brought to our communities if we could only find a way to efficiently share what we know.  Take a stab at the tips above and see how easily you can benefit your patients and community while adding a marketing advantage to your practice. 

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