August 11, 2019 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Social Media 101 for PT Clinics

If you have a physical therapy clinic, you’re probably non-stop-busy helping your patients, running your business, networking and building your practice. For many, the idea of doing social media posts and promotions are at the bottom of the list and often don’t get done. However, social media is actually a big part of building your business, building your brand, connecting with current and past patients and building a presence in your community.

The social media experts at Net Health have put together this handy guide that will help you understand the importance of social media and provide you with the basics so you can support your practice online.


This is the most powerful social networking site in the world, with 2.1 BILLION people using one of the Facebook family platforms every day (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Messenger). It’s a great place to post videos about your practice as well as content. You can post about special events, if you’re looking for new employees, special promotions and more. You can event use it to gather patient feedback for your business. If you want to be seen by a wider audience, Facebook ads are very effective.


LinkedIn is the professional networking site that lets you connect, publish and share content and follow companies of interest. It’s exceptionally powerful for career-related things. You can attract career-minded talent to your practice, build your brand and publish articles to establish yourself as a thought leader.


This is visual-based social sharing network that allows you to post photos and videos. It’s easy to follow and tag other users using their handles (@clinicorpersonname). You can also follow and use hashtags (#whateveryouwanttosay). Instagram also allows you to message other users directly.

Instagram is all about creativity. You can highlight your company culture by posting a picture of your team enjoying a birthday party, volunteering, or even provide wellness tips. When you use a hashtag (like #wellness) anyone who clicks on that hashtag can see your Instagram post. It’s wise to create a few hashtags to specifically promote your brand, like #PTDailyWellnessTip or #PTExpertAdvice.


Twitter is another great social media platform. There’s a 280-character limit so your message needs to be short. It’s great for sharing videos, links to articles, and pictures. If you want to capture someone’s attention, you can tag them in a post. You can also retweet posts by others to help give them more visibility. Want someone to read your article? Include their handle in your post. It’s a great way to connect with industry movers and shakers, but not the place to market yourself to potential patients.

Still overwhelmed by your social media opportunities? No worries! Just contact Net Health and our team of experts can help you grow your brand and your business using social media.

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