February 12, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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Step #5 to Recruit for Your PT Practice: Add Value to Job Postings

The hiring process requires you to put up job postings for various positions you may be seeking ideal candidates for. But it’s not just a matter of listing a job ad and hoping to get a number of resumes in your Inbox. It’s about adding value to your postings as well and providing great information for others who may be interested in applying.

Below we explore a couple of ways that may help improve your job postings:

Post Job Opportunities on Your Website 

You have a website, but are you using it for recruiting?  If not, it’s worth considering. The days when a website was only used for marketing-related purposes are long behind us. Now, smart rehab therapy owners also utilize their website for staff recruiting.

Dedicate a section or page of your website to job opportunities. Add new positions as they become available and be willing to accept job resumes at any given time, even if you currently don’t have an active hiring window. That’s because you never know when the right candidate might reach out to you. It’s also a great way to keep a pipeline of talent coming into your practice using this cost-effective and simple technology that you already have in place.

Write Sizzling Job Advertisements

It’s not easy to find the right pool of candidates that you may be interested in interviewing. To help rehab therapists cross paths with a selection of qualified candidates, it’s important to draw a parallel between recruitment and marketing.  With marketing, you may consider getting as many eyes on you as possible using the least amount of resources.

When you are looking to hire a new employee, the purpose is much the same. You want eyeballs on your rehab therapy practice from those who can satisfy a need you have – in this case, filling your position.

One of the ways you can garner attention to your job postings is by writing what I call a sizzling job advertisement. Here, you can use this opportunity to convey your message with descriptive language, detailed information about the position, compensation and benefits package, and so much more.

Writing a sizzling job advertisement is not fundamentally different from a job posting. What does make it different from a generic job ad is making sure you are selling to the candidate a solution to their problem – for example, their job may not be as good as the one you have to offer.

Whether you’re posting a job listing on your website or writing a sizzling job ad, by selling the position to potential candidates, you can set the tone in your recruitment and hiring efforts and ensure you get the right person for the job. 

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