March 19, 2021 | Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA

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The Importance of Good Notes for Your Private Practice

In the work industry, pretty much everyone takes notes. Whether for team meetings, phone calls, interviews or more, capturing information for later retrieval is key to the successful use of your time. And while anyone can take notes in a digital form or on paper, one of the best ways to utilize your notes for your private practice is by keeping them organized.

Below are some simple ways that you can make your notetaking more efficient for you:

Select a Notebook to Use

Using a specific notebook of your choice allows you to keep all your documented writings in one place. It becomes easy to retrieve and access previous notes you may have taken that you may need for meetings or other purposes.

Keep Your Format Consistent

Organization is key to the quick retrieval of information, in this case, your notetaking. Using a consistent header including topic, date, time, and attendees may be all you need in order to keep your notes a quick glance away from easy access. 

Organize Your Notes

I’ve been emphasizing why it’s important to keep your notes organized, and one of the best ways to do this is by marking them according to date and topic. It can be as simple as moving each sheet of paper to a secure filing cabinet, or it may mean placing them in a binder that allows for easy storage and makes it convenient for retrieval.

Try Paperless Notetaking

In today’s world, more and more things are turning to digital form, and notetaking is no exception. The use of a computer or a cell phone adds advanced functionality for your notes. Electronic dictation software makes this even more of a possibility, speeding up the note taking process for many users.

Regardless of how you decide to take notes, having quick access to them in an organized fashion – whether by paper or digitally – will keep your private practice running more smoothly and more efficiently, day in and day out.

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