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Tissue Analytics, Partners Capture Spotlight at Leading Healthcare Technology Conference

VirtualCare, Net Health’s partner for Tissue Analytics, recently attended one of the largest healthcare technology conferences in the world, MedInfo 2023,  where it showcased its role in helping launch a first-of-its-kind Wound Care Command Centre in Sydney, Australia.

The five-day event in Sydney featured some of the world’s leading experts in technology and healthcare, including Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Chief Health Officer for Google, Dr. David Feinberg, Chairman of Oracle, and Professor Alain Labrique, Director for the Department of Digital Health and Innovation, World Health Organization.

Showcasing Innovation

A highlight for MedInfo attendees was learning about promising new technologies. Throughout the conference, considerable attention was focused on one of VirtualCare’s premier clients in Australia, Sydney Local Health District (SLHD), which launched the Wound Care Command Centre.

The SLHD model of care relies on a centralized approach supported by a cutting-edge artificial intelligence wound app to provide clinicians and patients across New South Wales, home to Sydney and some 8 million people, with virtual and face-to-face access to wound specialists.

With its use of Net Health® Tissue Analytics’ AI-powered technology, the Health District becomes the first organization in Australia to combine AI with a center-of-excellence approach to wound care to improve patient outcomes.

Ben Magid, CEO of VirtualCare and Net Health Tissue Analytics partner in the
South Pacific, highlights Tissue Analytics at MedInfo 2023. Photo submitted.

Providing More than an App

The Wound Care Command Centre encourages and enhances shared care among physicians and other providers.

Using the Tissue Analytics app, treating clinicians can share benchmarking and quality assessment reports. Care providers can use the application to monitor their patients’ wounds or access the Command Centre for wound expertise.

Patients can also view the progress of their wounds instantly, anytime and anywhere, and they can communicate with their care team using the app.

However, the Tissue Analytics app does much more than provide a secure image capture and sharing platform. Its AI capability offers a standardized way to analyze and measure wounds while generating recommendations to support wound care decision-making, and it is fully integrated with the electronic medical record.

SLDH wound care leaders note several benefits to their approach, including its ability to enhance virtual wound care programs in Australia, reduce face-to-face visits, and increase access to specialist advice and care.

Michelle Barakat-Johnson, Skin Integrity Lead, Clinical Manager at NSW Health
in Sydney, and noted international wound care researcher, presents at MedInfo
2023. Photo submitted.

A Successful Conference 

Those features and benefits are some of the reasons for the interest in Tissue Analytics at the conference. VirtualCare’s CEO, Ben Magid, gave numerous presentations, and Michelle Barakat-Johnson, an internationally renowned skin integrity clinician-researcher, provided an overview of the SLHD model of care as well as multiple presentations on her recent groundbreaking publications in the International Journal of Wounds.

Additionally, a display on Tissue Analytics technology was featured as part of the New South Wales (NSW) Ministry of Health Health’s Future Health zone exhibition space at MedInfo. NSW is the largest public health system in Australia. NSW’s eHealth division supports and endorses Net Health Tissue Analytics and is helping to champion several new wound care projects in the future.

Tissue Analytics’ successful appearance at MedInfo and its ongoing growth and positive clinical and operational outcomes with hospitals, clinics, and private practices in the U.S. highlight the value that wound care providers globally are finding in this cutting-edge tool.

Intrigued? Want to Learn More? 

Find out about the SLDH Wound Care Command Centre, then read more on our peer-reviewed articles and visit the VirtualCare website.

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